Another point to consider to understand how content marketing works is: when they arrive at your website, you must put incentives to get them to do what you need (buy, download…). Incentives, such as banners and buttons, for example, should be placed in the side or bottom spaces of the content as if your page were a medium. The concept is precisely that: turning the brand into a means of communication. That is precisely what you see in this article. If you look, we have banners that encourage you to download an ebook, sign up for the newsletter, among others.

How to start producing content for my website? You should know that you should not create content without first analyzing the keywords and defining the buyer person . This is the starting point, we suggest you never develop content by gut feeling . Validate the number of searches for a certain topic, see who is in Hungary phone number the top 10 positions, check the quality of their content so as not to make the mistake of creating pieces that your consumers will never read. What does it mean to analyze keywords? It refers to analyzing on what topics the content should be developed.

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If you want to understand this concept, go to the following link definition of keyword analysis . For that analysis, google has a free platform called keyword planner . There are others but they are paid: semrush , moz and ahrefs , among many others. These platforms can help you know how many people are searching for a particular topic and determine how easy it is to position yourself when creating good content. Do not forget that the fundamental premise is quality. If there are few people searching for something specific, don’t create anything from it, because few people will come to your website.

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If you want to delve into this topic, I recommend that you read content marketing roi . Buyer person, what does it mean? The buyer person is the archetype of consumer that you want to reach your website. The idea is that the content you make is interesting for him. Do not create more than four buyer personas for your company or brand. For each one you will have to make enough content to attract it. Should I make content about my company or brand? No, the idea is that you make content to make life easier for your client but not advertising or commercial content.

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This implies that you should talk about topics that are not relevant to you, but are relevant to your buyer personas. In this mitsubishi brand blog , you will see that despite being a company that sells vehicles, it does not necessarily talk about them. We create content for potential consumers. If you analyze this other telefónica site, called the content is not related to the brand, but to solutions for its potential consumers. The reason for the above is to capture attention from relevant content.

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