If you want to fully understand something, you must grasp its essence. Instead of going around in appearance and repeating what others say. What is essence is that it is impossible to play without it. What is appearance is Costa Rica Phone Numbers that its existence makes things go faster. For “Internet +”, people’s vision has shifted from Internet thinking, free, rice noodles, etc. to the hottest high-frequency words such as community, sharing economy, and scene marketing. And this makes those traditional uncles who are embracing the Internet on the surface but unwilling to let go of their vested interests in their bones, Costa Rica Phone Number confused and miserable. Because I have been running behind the trend.

The Key Is to Listen to Costa Rica Phone Number

As long as you grasp the essence of anything, you grasp the core, and you can keep the same and respond to all changes. So what is the essence of “Internet +”? is the connection. Whether it is high Costa Rica Phone Number frequency, rigid demand, pain points, sharing economy, or scenario marketing, all efforts have only one purpose, which is to establish the closest and all-round connection with the largest number of users. Otherwise, there will be a “disintermediation”, and a “community” will appear. You can’t understand what the Internet is for, and why it is the same. In fact, they all say the same thing – connection . The essence of business is transaction, and the premise Costa Rica Phone Number of transaction is connection, whether online or offline, first of all connection. When you understand this, look again, what sense of participation, what equity crowdfunding, etc.

The Essence of Business Is Costa Rica Phone Number

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Costa Rica Phone Number

you will find that Shenma is a floating cloud. Whether it was the cooperation between Wanda and Vanke last year, or Alibaba’s recent stake in Suning, or Huawei’s partnership with Haier. Costa Rica Phone Numbers both parties are integrating more resources to connect with users at a larger level. The mobile Internet, especially the Internet of Things, makes time and space unable to stop people’s desire to connect everything, zero-distance free connection, from the connection of things to the Costa Rica Phone Number connection of people, and the connection between business and people. That’s why it was unanimously agreed at last year’s World Internet Conference that the future.

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