Two days earlier. a court had overturned a previous visa revocation and released him from detention. At that point. Djokovic. 34. appealed. Faced with this new determination of the Australian Executive Power. Djokovic can appeal again. This will be after the world number one player appears before the same judge who lifted his ban. This will happen this Saturday. January 15 in the morning. The problem is that the times have been shortened: the Australian Open starts on Monday the 17th. “I have exercised my power under Section 133 C of the Immigration Law to cancel the visa of Mr. Novak.

Djokovic for reasons of health and public order.” Hawke said. djokovic australia vaccine It all started when Novak Djokovic uploaded the news to Macedonia Phone Number social networks that he was going to travel to play the Australian Open for an exception permit even without being vaccinated. Under that rule. Djokovic would no longer be able to get another visa to enter Australia for three years. What happened to Djokovic and the visa in Australia The Australia-Djokovic dispute transcends tennis and has become a global debate about the rights and obligations of the unvaccinated.

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Inland Australia. moreover. is a political issue for Prime Minister Scott Morrison. who is campaigning in the months leading up to the May 2022 election. Pressure is important. A survey published by the Melbourne Herald Sun newspaper ensures that before the news of the cancellation of the visa. 84 percent of the total number of those consulted wanted Djokovic to be deported. ViacomCBS announced this afternoon that it already has exclusive broadcast rights for the Premier League in Mexico and several Central American countries through the Paramount+ streaming platform . Thus. the media tycoon will bet on live sporting events as part of his strategy.

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which has already paid off in 25 markets. In addition to Mexico. the English League may be broadcast. under a three-year contract. in Costa Rica. El Salvador. Guatemala. Honduras. Nicaragua and Panama. and on a non-exclusive basis in Belize and the Dominican Republic. However. the agreement will start to apply from the 2022/23 season and will end until 2024/25. Which means that the remaining matches of the tournament that is currently being played will continue to be broadcast on SKY. until August of this year. “The Premier.

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Bowl is just around the corner and many will throw the house out the window to attend one of the most important and most anticipated sporting events of the year. Premier League and our clubs as a vital part of its live sports offering. ViacomCBS’ platforms. including Paramount+ and Pluto TV. will be a great home for the Premier League and we look forward to working together to bring the League to new and existing fans in Central America and Mexico.” said Paul Molnar. Premier Media General Manager. League in a statement. In addition to all the matches. the company promises complete coverage of the league.

including exclusive and special content from the different clubs and players that the competition includes and. So far It has not been clarified what. Will be the type of content that will be able to transmit. Meanwhile. Paramount + already offers sports content in other countries. Champions League. NFL or Series A. among others; and ViacomCBS owns the rights to the Australian A-League men’s and women’s professional leagues and the Barclays FA Women’s Super League on Paramount+ and CBS Sports Network in the US. The 2022 Super

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