That said, artificial Estonia WhatsApp Number List is struggling to learn consumer behavior, and experts believe its full potential has yet to be realized. This means that experts predict that the impact of AI will increase massively over the next few years.Think about how keyword research has changed. For example, let’s see how we adjusted our keyword strategy for Rankbrain . Keyword spamming doesn’t seem to work anymore. This is why we now speak of a query or search expression, and no longer of a keyword. Today, to be considered relevant by Google for an expression, it is necessary to put yourself in the user’s shoes in order to anticipate their search intention .

Following this, you should provide subject matter expertise , dealing with all related themes and sub-themes.For example, if you want to properly reference your site pages on “emmanuel macron” you will have to analyze what users might be looking for on this subject and deal with as many topics as possible related to the President of the Republic such as .For Google, it is the most expert on his subject that deserves to be visible.Also take advantage of the questions asked and associated research.associated research questions asked macron .Finally, we can note that with the launch of its update called BERT (corresponding to the DeepRank algorithm).

Take a look at the autocomplete in the search bar

launched at the end of 2019 worldwide, Google has added a layer of Machine Learning to its algorithm. Indeed, this update using NLP (Natural Language Processing) and NSP (Next Sentence Prediction) systems analyzes the context between the words that make up the requests submitted by users in order to better understand the longer ones. In other words, BERT provides a better understanding of long natural language queries (which can often be generated by a voice command).If you’ve read the previous paragraphs, you’ve understood that user satisfaction should be at the heart of your strategy.


For Google, the challenge is therefore to ensure that its organic results are reliable for Internet users. After all, it is his reputation that is at stake! If users don’t trust SERP results, what’s the point? It is with this in mind that the concept of EAT has been democratized since 2018 through the algorithm update called Medic Update which has greatly impacted the YMYL (Your Money Your Life) sites related to health , finance, insurance… in short, everything related to people’s life, health and happiness (something serious). The goal is to provide the most reliable results in its SERPs.Note also that in May 2020 , during the first wave of Covid-19, Google launched an update of its algorithm mainly affecting YMYL sites related to health, online payment or finance.

Did somebody say just EAT?

From our side, we believe that this update has been deployed to fight against fraudulent sites selling protective masks or publishing false information about the pandemic.Being considered by Google as essential to ensure the quality of its results pages, the EAT is based on 3 criteria on which the algorithm will evaluate each web page:E for Expertise : the degree of expertise of the author of a content. The author must correspond to a real person who has knowledge in what he writes (diplomas, experience, bibliography, online CV…).

In other words, you have to be an expert in your field.A for Authoritativeness : you must increase your popularity. So do not hesitate to post on social networks, forums or even in more traditional media. In short, make yourself known! Note that Google uses PageRank to define your authority. Therefore, acquiring backlinks will serve you to develop it quickly.T for Trustworthiness : Google assesses whether the information offered by your page can be trusted. Therefore, we advise you to be completely transparent, to always cite your sources via links.

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