And although it should be one of the secondary priorities today. it is still a business that motivates clubs. brands. and governments to promote its return . however. not all actions to be ‘creative’ are the best ideas. What better example than what FC Seoul has seen in recent days. South Korea is one of the nations that is gradually resuming economic and social activity. based on various health and safety measures to prevent a resurgence of coronavirus; Among the sectors that have already returned. sports stand out.

In particular. soccer. which is why various teams seek to generate marketing actions that make it attractive to watch their matches despite the absence Czech Republic Phone Number of the public. A bad idea from FC Seoul South Korea’s top-flight professional soccer club. the K League . used a trick to make its stadium stands look less empty during one of the league’s matches upon its return from the pandemic break. His idea was to use ‘mannequins’ in certain sectors of the stands to simulate the presence of the public. The problem was that some of those ‘viewers’ were sex dolls and.

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worse. not only did viewers on television find out and share it on social networks. but this also showed that FC Seoul broke South Korean advertising laws. The above. because the dolls wore clothes and other clothing that presents the manufacturer’s brand. obviously. related to sexual themes. in addition to the fact that some of them had signs that showed the names of two specific sex toys. This situation forced FC Seoul to make a public statement and issue an apology through social networks for placing this type of merchandise in its stands to simulate the presence of spectators.

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We apologize to all fans for causing deep concern regarding the mannequins that were set up during the game on the 17th. Although the mannequins differed from the previous ones in that the material is human-like. we confirmed from the beginning that these products do not they were adult products .” the club posted. according to The Korea Herald. “ The name (of the brand) and the signs with the specific names of the BJs were displayed. This is because our officials did not check in detail. This part is completely our fault .” detailed FC Seoul in their apology. The end does not justify the means.

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The use of mannequins was a marketing action for the return to activity of the K League. However it was evident -according to press reports- that the fans took it as something detrimental. Among the many complaints from users on social networks. It stands out that they reproached the club for. Not complying with the principle of making soccer a family show. Instead they simply chose to advertise. What happened last weekend in South. Korea is an alert for any professional team. Regardless of the sport that is ready or has already returned to activity. In Germany . the Bundesliga has already been played again and some positive actions have been seen.

such as that of FC Köln . which covered its stands with team jerseys in tribute to all its fans. That said. the German league gives an example of how you can collect with the fans. This bullfight has a tradition of doing things very well in marketing. Which is reflected in its income and attendance at the stadiums. His return to activity could not be the exception. According to data from the Sky network. referred to by various media . The Jordanian of the weekend reached 3.68 million viewers on its channels. Two of the most important national team tournaments in the world. The European Championship and the Copa América.

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