There is a saying in the Book of Changes: The gentleman leopard changes, and the villain changes his face. Russian phone number The translation is that once the times change. No matter whether it is a gentleman who is ready to go or a villain who sees the wind. He has to toss something different. For example, when the 1911 Revolution sound. The squire Master Tang quickly snapped his big braid to show that he was incompatible with the old forces. At an industry conference in August. The CEOs of several old-fashion decoration Russian phone number companies sat down one by one, all lamenting that their respective businesses are now more and more difficult to do.

The host on the side immediately Russian phone number

As soon as this remark came out, it cause applause from all over the place, and look up at the stage. The host had a look of spring breeze, and the traditional bigwigs all had a cold expression. Russian phone number What is surprising is that when it comes to the speeches, the traditional bigwigs suddenly rush to the stage with bald belly and rush to the stage to throw their “Internet thinking” to everyone on the field. Among them, there are several veteran list company CEOs, for fear of making people feel that they are “traditional decoration” that kills thousands of knives in other people’s mouths. Russian phone number The braids at the back of the head are cut, what about the braids in the heart? Just a few days ago on the Qixi Festival.

There Are Several Veteran Russian phone number

Russian phone number
Russian phone number

When the traditional home improvement bosses spit on the stage and share their “Internet thinking”, I suddenly came to a conclusion: In fact, there is no so-call Internet decoration and traditional home Russian phone number decoration in the future, including the five words Internet decoration, It’s just a pretense. It is one of the few Internet people who took the lead in cutting into the O2O of home decoration, and intends to set up a “conceptual barrier” for traditional decoration! The host had a look of spring breeze, and the traditional bigwigs all had a cold expression.

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