Customs and behavior of the consumer. that is; this sets the standard of what will be done to attract you to buy this or that product. that is why companies that have not invested in technology or are not looking at the digital world have their hours counted. however. not everything is lost and for this we will see some trends that will set the tone for the next two or three years. VALUE CONTENT The content that is generated for the user has always acted as a driving force in the digital field. Internet searches. if they were already important. for many have become the only base during the months of confinement.

Under this premise. it is necessary to define precise strategic lines of content marketing for businesses. Content must provide more and more value to the user Austria Phone Number who consumes it and offer useful information: how? where? what? or why? They will always be the questions to assess whether the content is relevant and achieves the objective for which it was created. MINDFUL MARKETING. WELCOME TO SUSTAINABLE CONSUMPTION The ecology or protection of social rights stand out as the main concerns that we should all have in.

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The face of a planet that is suffering the consequences of pollution. abuse and overexploitation of resources. With care for the planet as a basis. companies must take into account sustainable consumption and what they can do for a better world for the future to come. Mindful marketing responds to a much more humanized promotion where the. Ego of the leading businessman must be left aside. The client. Who has always wanted to be taken into account above all else. Will see in this new trend not only his interest in his satisfaction but. Also that irresistible concern for the environment.

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USER AS CONTENT GENERATOR Informing the customer about what. They are going to consume is always a success. but what if the users were. The ones who talked about what they like? Known as Generation Z. These users are faced with a new mode of communication that. Will be on the market for many years. so communication channels between. The client and the company should be considered and the already. Known posts where clients expose should be expanded. your experience. Whether good or bad. this must go further.

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Such as monitoring what was reported as a bad customer experience and if it had a solution. What better experience than your customer enjoying the solution that was provided. he will recommend you! ! PAID ADVERTISING ON SOCIAL MEDIA A firm without social bookmarking limits your visibility. Almost all of the social apps are a conversion magnet when. We link to our e-commerce products or blog that offers certain information. With a good algorithm. you can take it as a very interesting. Second means of promotion or as channels to maintain a two-way relationship.

With your potential customers and/or attract new users through lead magnets adapted to the target of the business. It is important to point out that if you do not invest in social networks. Your ads will not be seen by your potential customers. Therefore. it is enough to remain hidden and allocate. An advertising budget for social networks. Its implementation in business is a way to ensure more customers or ways to reach them.

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