This represents Cameroon WhatsApp Number List of a breakthrough in the search functions offered by the Mountain View firm. This will open the door to new ways of discovering information and how users will end up on your site.Google’s MUM process will also facilitate broader contextual searches, based on an advanced understanding of the engine. Google will roll out a new element called “Things to know” to help users understand a broadly. The goal is to anticipate all the problems that an Internet user could pose in relation to a subjec.

If you search for ‘acrylic painting,’ Google understands how people typically explore this topic and shows the things people are likely to look at first. For example, we can identify over 350 acrylic painting related topics, and help you find the right path to take. “This new feature could become a thing to consider when it comes to SEO . It could therefore be very useful to make sure that you are aware of the latest trends and that you create site content based on these elements, in order to maximize its visibility. In the example above, if you plan to create very comprehensive content on acrylic paint, Google will deem it relevant if you cover the topics covered in the “Things to know” section.

Here’s how Google explains this feature

With this “Things to know” feature, Google provides us with details on the information to be processed in content in order to be considered “expert” on a subject.For some searches where the user’s expectation is to obtain visual results, Google will suggest in larger images. This is the case with the research cited above “acrylic paint”.With regard to videos, MUM will identify key moments such as the buzzer shot in an NBA basketball game, and display subjects related to the theme of this video below.“Using MUM, we can even show related topics that are not explicitly mentioned in the video, based on our advanced understanding of the information in the video.


In this example, although the video does not say the words “the life story of macaroni penguin” (a species of penguin), our systems understand that the topics in the video are related to this theme, such as how whose macaroni penguins find their family members and get rid of predators. “The visual search is a key component of the research process Google Lens, which will facilitate the discovery of e-commerce products by allowing users of the app Google to search from images, videos and content text on a site.“Soon iOS users will see a new button in the Google app to make all images on a page searchable through Google Lens. Now, finding that lamp or shirt (and other items) is just a tap away. ”

More in Google Shopping possibilities

Google is also expanding its product listings in its main search feed, based on the 24 billion products listed in Google Shopping, and adding a new “in stock” filter to local store listings, to show only stores nearby who have what you want.Other novelties were announced during this annual event. But the main thing to remember is that the SERPs will continue to evolve in the coming months for the benefit of a better experience for its users. If you run a website, it will open up more possibilities for optimizations and traffic acquisition through new search features.

After a year 2021 full of announcements, let’s try to outline where your SEO strategy should be for the year 2022.If there’s one attribute that characterizes SEO, it’s resilience. Google is constantly modifying its algorithm, sometimes rendering efforts several months old after the evolution of its ranking factors obsolete. So it’s no wonder that industry experts are obsessed with the latest SEO trends. Every major update, for example, the Maverick update, BERT, etc… has brought new opportunities and insights that change the way you optimize your site’s organic visibility.As in 2021, SEO priorities in the eyes of Google seem to follow a trend that has been emerging for several years: improving the relevance of organic results through a better understanding of all content formats.

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