Because they want to direct and be the legal representatives of their organization to make the main decisions. Despite being a difficult job and involving great preparation. they want to take on this great responsibility. The most difficult path in the entire business life cycle is to start with this consolidation process. because in the first three years. when one is not yet solvent. any complication. no matter how minor. seems big. The world of sports is experiencing an awakening, after the main soccer leagues.

We are beginning to see the return of the most spectacular and effective competitions in marketing in the world: MLB, NFL and NBA. Precisely, the Bahrain Phone Number Association is about to return to the courts in a special tournament to be held at Disney World, in Orlando, Florida. And, as part of it, he has just introduced a new sponsor. Players from the same team It was announced Thursday that Michelob Ultra and the NBA have signed a multiyear deal for the beer brand to become an official partner of the league, a development that comes before games restart.

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Undoubtedly an unexpected change, but it should not be so surprising since the drink is part of the brand catalog of AB InBev , which also owns Budweiser and Bud Light , which have been the main brands of the Association for more than two decades. In this way, Michelob Ultra joins a grid of great brands that see in the NBA an excellent platform for exposure and connection with the consumer. An example of this is Nike, which has a contract valued at more than 143 million dollars for being the brand that manufactures the uniforms and clothing of the 30 teams in the league.

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But, behind the swoosh signature there are other firms such as State Farm, Gatorade, and Tissot , among the main sponsors, so the change of Michelob Ultra replacing Budweiser will give the beer brand an unparalleled window to generate awareness and positioning. a big window Although the NBA has suffered just like the NFL and MLB with television ratings, an example of this is that the Finals fell from 20.4 million viewers in 2017, to just over 15.1 million in 2019, according to data from Sports Media Watch, The reality is that it has also sought alternatives such as alliances.

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With digital platforms and social networks to improve positioning and engagement with fans. These types of actions keep it as the third most profitable league globally. With revenues of more than 8 billion dollars -of which. More than 1.39 billion dollars are in sponsorships-  according to. Projected data in Statista, behind only the MLB and the NFL, so for. Michelob Ultra it is a very attractive window. Part of its success is due to the flexibility of the league, after decades (since its founding in 1946), the NBA accepted to put sponsors on jerseys.

Thus, some 30 brands have achieved an exhibition space in the clothing of the franchises. A long list, but we find brands like Goodyear, GE, Western Union, Rakuten, Motorola, Bumble. FedEx, Harley Davidson, FitBit, PayPal and. Disney , to name just a few. It may interest you. There is already a figure: 150 million dollars will cost the. NBA to bring the season to Disney The NBA says goodbye to Spalding. The Cleveland Cavs will wear the Goodyear logo on their jersey. Immediate action In that sense, Michelob Ultra is not wasting time and has gone into action. To generate a lot of marketing to connect with fans who. As we know, will not be able to attend the arenas or, in this case, Disney World.

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