Chrome intends Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List make available its advertisers flock cohorts during 2 nd quarter of this year. We encourage advertisers to test FLoC audiences when they become available to gain insight into how effective these new audiences are compared to current audiences. Agence 90 continues to anticipate these developments in order to provide advice to all its clients on the next steps to be taken. We will continue to share updates with you as they become available!The integration of structured data tags is becoming a standard with which every website must comply. The challenge is twofold: to facilitate the understanding that a search engine will have of your web page while generating more visibility in the SERPs through the display of featured snippets.

After having detailed the 5 best WordPress plugins to integrate your Schema tags , in this article we wanted to offer you our selection of the 5 best online tools to easily generate these structured data tags . The advantage of these tools is that you will be able to generate your tags without any coding concept required.This free tool is a great, easy-to-use Schema tag generator that eliminates the hassle of coding yourself.It offers a variety of options from which you can choose the type of tag you want to create, among:

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You just need to select the type of Schema tag you want to add and fill in the required information. It’s as simple as that ! The tool also offers you the possibility to choose the format of your tags. So you can generate your code in JSON-LD to follow Google’s recommendations . However, you are not limited to this format. If you need it, you can generate your tags in microdata form.Once you’re done, just copy and paste the code into the appropriate sections of your website.


Don’t be fooled by the name and the simplicity of the interface. This tool is one of our favorites!However, it is best to note that although the name suggests “microdata”, the tool also generates your tags in JSON-LD format! As with the previous tool, its use is very simple. You just have to choose the type of entity you want to integrate and add the appropriate information.This tool is completely free and offers you one of the widest varieties of Schema tags compared to its competitors.This tool is quite similar to the other online tools that we have added to this list. Here are the types of tags it offers:The strength of this tool lies in its ease of use but also in the fact that it offers a wider choice in terms of types of LocalBusiness.

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After the selection, it is enough to put the necessary information and tags. The code will also be edited in JSON-LD format and you just need to copy and paste it on your website. SIMPLE! BASIC ! BASIC ! SIMPLE!Ranger’s Schema Markup Generator is a similar version of the other web apps we’ve covered in this list, with a few more tag types supported than its competition.Once you have selected the tags you want, you will need to fill in the required information, then copy and paste the result into the relevant parts of your website.

Finally, the other advantage of this tool over the others on this list is that it allows you to test the generated code before implementing it in your site.Alright, sorry. In order to make you read our entire article, we had to put the ultimate tool on you last… will you forgive us? Yes ? It’s certain ? Thank you !Although the interface of this tool is very austere, this generator allows you to generate absolutely ALL types of Schema tags . Where most generators are confined to fairly classic types of tags.

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