The Internet transformation of traditional enterprises is to do top-level design from the beginning, strategy first. And consider all strategic-level services together; or bottom-up design, from a micro perspective, Sri-Lanka Phone Number let users feel the convenience brought to him by the product. This is a difficult problem that every product manager cannot avoid, and for this reason, it is possible to have a “contest” with operations and even the boss.  From this point of view, the transformation of traditional enterprises generally has Sri-Lanka Phone Number the following common features. Customer segments are difficult to retarget The transformation of enterprises is easy to fall into the mentality of filling positions and building a moat,

This Is a Difficult Problem Sri-Lanka Phone Number

Difficulty in restructuring the enterprise Transformation means that companies have to raise meat and cut meat at the same time. In the transformation of the Internet, some important departments within traditional enterprises are, on the one hand, affected by the direction Sri-Lanka Phone Number of transformation and resource reorganization, and on the other hand, due to the lack of thinking in the Internet industry, etc., it is difficult to form a synergy with the new departments that have been airborne, leading to internal restructuring of the enterprise Difficulty.  That is, consolidating the loyalty Sri-Lanka Phone Number of their original customer base first. For example, the transformation of traditional offline sales companies into e-commerce or platforms is easy to build around the original membership, points, sign-in, etc.,

The Transformation of Enterprises Sri-Lanka Phone Number

Sri-Lanka Phone Number
Sri-Lanka Phone Number

And thus falls into a vicious circle of hitting cotton. At the root, not repositioning the customer base is the key. Perhaps starting from the mentality of “returning to zero” and returning to the product Sri-Lanka Phone Number and operation itself. The first road of Internet companies may be for reference. About how to get torrent users In order to obtain seed users and maximize a single service. The form of Internet products can even be very single and unsystematic at the beginning. And then gradually iterate, Sri-Lanka Phone Number update and improve after obtaining seed users. For example, in the beginning of Xiaomi, there were only MIUI products, starting from the dimension of ROM. After acquiring ROM enthusiast users, it improved the product form and launched Xiaomi mobile phones and smart home products.

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