A few days ago, I went to a charcoal grill with a friend, and I saw what is called Internet thinking. The place and name will not be mentioned, just this case. Malaysia Phone Number First of all, it must be said that this is a very remote place, in a new cultural industry park, so don’t expect much popularity due to the location. There are three restaurants here, and every night there is a very strange phenomenon, one is full, and the other two have no business. Malaysia Phone Number The people who come to eat here are basically acquaintances, or come from the twilight name. Secondly, the food here is really average, but the atmosphere is good. To do this, the boss used three tricks. The first measure: increase user activity. This is an open-air restaurant with a KTV record player.

The Other Two Have Malaysia Phone Number No Business

Naturally, they drank too much. If this restaurant is compared to a community, then the role of this set of KTV is to increase user activity, allowing a group of people who are strangers to each other to play together quickly. Malaysia Phone Number The reasoning behind is actually very simple. People who go to eat in such restaurants like to have fun, and wine is inevitable. In this kind of environment, people will Malaysia Phone Number naturally let go of their guard and play with others. After the natural foundation is in place, the record player has always played a role in catalyzing crowding, connecting the users of the entire community together. The second trick: create problems for users. The traditional Internet thinking has been talking about user experience.

The Record Player Has Malaysia Phone Number Always

Malaysia Phone Number
Malaysia Phone Number

But the boss didn’t think so. He was destroying the sense of convenience, but it made the user experience higher. To give the simplest example, this is a charcoal grilling shop. The charcoal fire is placed in the middle of the table. Malaysia Phone Number The most convenient way to eat is to put a wire mesh on the shelf for you to bake the food on the wire mesh. But when eating meat, the boss did not give barbed wire, but poked every piece of meat on the bamboo pole, Malaysia Phone Number a small piece of meat was poked on the tip of the one-meter-long pole, and a few pieces of meat were placed on the bamboo pole on the table . It’s inconvenient, right, but fun and difficult to talk about. But not everyone likes to eat like this.

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