Today we bring you a series of humorous videos related to how and what users search for on Google , the most powerful search engine in the world, although Bing also has its brief appearance, always humorously. But first, so that it doesn’t happen to you like the protagonists of the videos and you will despair Mr. Google, we leave you some tricks on how to search in Google in the most efficient way : Quotation marks to search for exact phrases: By including quotation marks before and after what we want to search for, Google finds the exact phrase between quotation marks, this is especially useful when we are looking for a very specific topic.

Exclude terms with the minus symbol: If we want to find information that excludes a specific word, for example if we want to search for hair straighteners, and even putting hair straighteners, clothes irons appear, we can search: hair straighteners – clothes . Or if you don’t want results from a particular website, add, for example –site: Search on a specific website: A collation with the previous trick to search on Google, and that is that if we put site: Bahrain whatsapp number list in the browser , we find all the pages indexed by Google for that website, and if we add it after a space, more words, it searches for us on that specific website where those words that you have added appear, for example: site web design.

We Bring You A Series

Carry out searches that include one or another word: to do this, among the words to search for, we will put OR, for example: web design OR web development. Searches only in the title: If we put intitle and a colon first, followed by the word to search for, Google will only return content where that word is included in its titles, for example: intitle: And if Google were a person. There are many more commands and tricks to search efficiently and effectively , these are just some of the most used for their great utility.


The label chosen by the bus company ALSA, for its weekly Instagram giveaway, we couldn’t like it more: #ALSAgram Make periodic reminders of your photography contest or your sweepstakes on social networks, so that the action does not lose strength. Instagram Stories can be a good ally in this case! Measure the results of your campaign. The first days are key to get an idea of ​​how users have received the campaign, if you need to reinforce its dissemination or make any changes. Do not forget to monitor the hahstag of your giveaway on Instagram!

The Minus Symbol

Actions with photos at the point of sale Today everything, the Internet connection offered by mobile devices, is an opportunity for brands, when carrying out street marketing actions or at the point of sale. The dynamics that we propose below will allow you to improve interactivity with your customers and create new experiences . Social Walls at points of sale One of the most effective tools to generate engagement and gain presence on social networks is to install Social Walls. Through displays , at the point of sale. In this way, you will be able to collect and moderate. The content that users have published on Twitter and Instagram. Related to your brand, and display it in real time.

The photos that users upload will be the best review, that other consumers can see, about your product or service. The total look that they have just tried on in your store, the delicious. Appetizing dinner they have just enjoyed. The hairstyle with which they have just left your beauty salon… The possibilities are endless! In addition, periodically. You will be able to select winners from among those users who dare to upload their photos, to reward them. Real-time surveys You can propose the same dynamic. That we have told you a few lines above, a photo contest with voting. But this time among consumers who come to your establishment.

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