Recently, the news of Uber’s allege tax evasion in China has once again attract attention: after consumers use the car rental service. Their request for an invoice was reject. And Uber said that Uber car rental could not be invoice. Mexico Phone Number It is reminiscent of the recent demonstrations against Uber in Europe. And the rape of passengers by Uber drivers in India. Uber has not completely calm the incident. In China, the country’s big players will gradually begin to regulate the taxi market. If the operation of private cars is completely banned, Mexico Phone Number Uber will be labelled as an “illegal operation”. And it may happen that the “European bloodbath” will be staged again. Uber is still like this. Will Airbnb, another representative enterprise of the sharing economy, repeat the same mistakes.

The Country’s Big Mexico Phone Number Players

In the face of strict government control, how should domestic short-term rental companies such as Wood Bird Short-term Rental accept the recruitment? Mexico Phone Number This “war on the tip of the tongue” can’t help. But remind us that the short-term rental platforms of Airbnb, which are call “good friends” of Uber, Didi, and Shenzhou taxi software, are still in the air at the moment. On August 18, Airbnb announce to join hands with two wealthy platforms, Mexico Phone Number Broadband China and Sequoia Capital, to enter China. In July, Wood Bird Short-Term Rental receive 60 million Series A financing, and then Ant Short-Term Rental and Tujia announce that they would win the favor of capital again. Airbnb is really booming in the country.

The Short-term Rental  Mexico Phone Number

Mexico Phone Number
Mexico Phone Number

usand miles not long ago. But we must reflect on this: How long can this overwhelming limelight last? In the next moment, China’s Airbnbs will Mexico Phone Numbers become the Ubers that are “kill” by the country at this time? 1. The stock of Airbnb in China China’s Airbnbs are smarter than Uber Inventory of domestic Airbnb stock Three major models, a few happy and a few sad 11111 List of well-known short-term rental Mexico Phone Number platforms in China The international home-sharing economy giant Airbnb, with a valuation of tens of billions of dollars and a global listing. Also has an innate advantage in entering China.

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