Does the length of Cambodia WhatsApp Number List have an impact on your SEO? Obviously having a concise URL can be less clutter, but is there any benefit to your organic positions?This is what John Mueller at Google tried to answer in a video which you can watch at the end of our article.Does Google prefer short URLs to long URLs? It is an SEO myth that still persists today among many .URL length was the subject of discussion in the video posted by Google to YouTube.Here is the question asked of John Mueller about it in the video.

Do short URLs have a positive impact on SEO compared to longer URLs? “In John Mueller’s answer, we learn that the length of a URL doesn’t play a role in your SEO. On the other hand, it can have an impact in a very specific situation . Here is John’s respon “The length of a URL is not important to SEO. Except in a specific situation. “John Mueller indicates that it is preferable not to exceed 1000 characters for a URL (normally this should be fine…). Indeed, it is easier for Google to track the data of a URL below 1000 characters.As a result, the length of a URL does not count for SEO . Google uses URLs as identifiers.

Keep your URL under 1000 characters

It doesn’t matter how long they are. URLs under 1000 characters are easier to analyze for Google .Finally, note that number of directories in the URL using slashes (/) is not something that will have an impact.The only situation where the length of a URL plays a role for Google’s ranking systems is during When multiple similar URLs display the same content on their page, Google will consolidate all signals from those pages into one URL. This URL is considered the canonical that users will see in their Google search results (SERP).In this process of deciding which URL to choose as canonical and display in the results, Google considers the length of the URL to be an impacting factor.


Here is exactly what John Mueller says:“I can currently say that there is a part in our systems where the length of a URL plays a role. This part iswhen we find several similar content displayed on different pages / URLs of your site. In this case, we need to choose a URL to use for indexing. If we identify a URL that is shorter and more understandable than the others, our systems will tend to choose that one. ” Obviously, you can tell Google the URL you would like to appear in search results by including canonical tags yourself.

A role to play during a canonical

John Mueller adds that canonicalization is not relative to the ranking / positioning of your page. This affects the URL that will be displayed in the SERPs. Therefore, the length or structure of your URL won’t play a role for SEO, whether it has directories with slashes (/) or not. You can use any URL structure you want.This focus on directories and slashes in URLs refers to another SEO myth that URLs with a reduced structure rank better .Structure doesn’t matter .In many cases, sites decide to shorten their URLs by not showing the structure and directories.

This transformation will have no impact for your SEO. A so-called “flat” structure will not generate any profit in terms of ranking.My name is Gauthier Caizergues and I have been working in the field of SEO since 2010, the year during which I forged my knowledge through several entrepreneurial experiences. In 2014, I joined La Redoute in the SEO team of Renaud Joly and Grégory Florin. I then joined the digital marketing agency Labelium in Montreal, Canada, where I held the position of SEO director for 2 years.

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