Pinterest is a very recent social network , but which has already conquered 70 million users worldwide, including 550,000 in France . Since 2012, the Belarus Phone Number List has launched a version dedicated to businesses: Pinterest for Business . The changes are not obvious compared to the traditional version, but it shows that the brands favor this social network, whose strength lies mainly in the impact of the visuals . Therefore, Pinterest is riding the micro-content marketing trend , allowing information to be shared quickly, using a strong image accompanied by a brief description that may include a link.

Several companies have understood its potential and, even if the French market is still small compared to Facebook or Twitter, it is possible to capture the attention of prospects. Brandentive lance sa filiale Brandentive Healthcare In association with Dr Jean-Marc Menat, we have created a subsidiary entirely dedicated to supporting pharmaceutical laboratories and health actors such as insurers, patient associations or institutional structures. This launch was marked by our participation in the special “digital” issue of the magazine PHARMACEUTIQUES in which you will find Dr Menat’s speeches alongside mine. Our desire is clearly to offer innovative services in the field of digital transformation, medical education and inbound marketing applied to health and Pharma. To be continued !

Pinterest, the social network for visual content

Pinterest is a media tool that allows Internet users to share their discoveries in the form of visuals, using a digital bulletin board system. Themed sections called “boards” are used to list and classify the discoveries. These categories are visible to both Pinterest users and those who are not registered. However, only subscribers can comment or share your visual content. Thanks to this system where image reigns supreme, brands whose activity relies heavily on the quality of visuals (fashion, travel, decoration, etc.) are thus offered an additional opportunity to develop their marketing strategy on the networks. social .


A very interesting study also shows that Pinterest is mainly used by women (at 61%) and that users of this social network spend more than on Facebook, with an average basket of $ 160 against $ 80. We will not stop there. In 2015, we will ensure that this dynamic is maintained, and our constantly evolving team will remain your privileged partner in the development and implementation of marketing strategies , or in supporting the change inherent in digital transformation . Hoping that this year will bring us to meet, see each other again or initiate new exciting projects together, I renew my wishes for success and prosperity ,

An opportunity to promote its products and services

The Pinterest account interface adapts to your imagination and creativity. Thus, you can use the same categories as on your site or on your blog, to create “boards” by themes. But also to decline additional sections and / or in line with the news. Of course, do not neglect your SEO, the long tail or long tail strategy can inspire you. If you need help setting up your digital marketing strategy, contact our Inbound Marketing agency now .

Out of 70% of companies who admit to having produced more content this year, only 21% manage to measure the impact. This clearly demonstrates the need to have an optimized content strategy and to measure its ROI . Bringing added value to its content remains the best way to increase its notoriety. This allows you to prove your expertise in your field of activity.

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