But did you know that you can also use Finland Email List email database for your other digital channels? By exporting your list of email addresses and uploading it to your advertising platforms (Facebook Business Manager or Google Ads), there are many possibilities to reach your customers (but also to reach an audience similar to your customers!) . Another equally important opportunity: Use your other channels to reactivate email contacts who are no longer engaged with your brand. If you are having trouble engaging them through your email campaigns, why not try reactivating them in another way? In this article, we’ll see how you can leverage your email database on two essential digital channels

Google offers a feature called Google Customer Match that allows you to download your contacts from your CRM and then use that information to reach your customers on the web. Customer Match allows you to show your ads to your existing customers who have already purchased or engaged with your brand, such as newsletter subscribers or members of a loyalty program. But Customer Match by extension also allows you to reach an audience similar to your customers. It is therefore a very qualified acquisition audience. You download a file containing your customers’ information. You can export this information from most CRM platforms.

How to use your email database

Google’s advertising network Advertising campaigns on social networks You define your campaigns in which you will target your customers, Google users, from the data file that you uploaded to the platform. When users on your Cus tomer Match list who are signed in to their Google Account can see your ads on Gmail, Google Search, Google Shopping, YouTube, and the Google Display Network. You can also create ads that will target a similar audience based on what Google knows about users in your Customer Match audience. This can help you reach new acquisition audiences with similarities to your current customers.


Your Customer Match database can therefore be a powerful tool for prospecting and acquiring new customers. Experts at our Google Ads agency recommend that you test different email segments when building similar audiences: Top Customers, Repeat Buyers, High Average Cart Customers – to find the balance between your coverage and return. on advertising investment. The Customer Match works across the entire Google advertising network: Search Network and Google Shopping : Adjust your bids and your message based on what you know about your customers’ activity. Gmail : Reach your current contacts or similar audiences straight to their inbox with personalized ads. YouTube: Target your similar audiences to reach new prospects through YouTube ads.

How to use your email database

Google Display Network : Show personalized ads to your contacts or similar audiences on the Google Display Network. Google lets you track how your Customer Match and Lookalike Audiences are performing in each campaign so you can adjust your bids accordingly. The users included in the Customer Match already know your brand. So as part of an acquisition strategy, you’ll probably want to adjust your bids to make sure prospects see your ads rather than your customers, who already know you. Remember to segment your email list before uploading it to Google Ads. You can target different lists for members of your loyalty programs.

buyers who have abandoned their cart, new subscribers, seasonal customers, new buyers… the possibilities are almost endless to target the right audience. Google’s advertising network isn’t the only channel that lets you use your email list to target specific audiences. Facebook and Twitter also allow advertisers to upload CRM contact lists to create targeted and personalized audiences. CRM remarketing on Facebook can typically match 60-75% of an email list to Facebook users. In fact, the more information you provide, the more likely it is that Facebook can match your email list. So this allows you to serve Facebook or Instagram ads to people who are already engaged with your brand.

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