By clicking on the text boxes you can change them, likewise. In the graphic pieces you can make changes in orientation, color, size, shapes or simply delete them. You can use all the free material. In case you need a template with the pro symbol you need a paid account. Canva also allows you to upload your own media file and add it to your compositions on the platform. You can include your own images and videos, and save the result or download it. Now that you know how to use canva check how easy it is we have already given you the basic notions about the use of this valuable platform.

Now all you have to do is sign in or create an account and start your first design. You will realize that the same site will guide you and show you the options that best suit your needs. Let’s do it!Do you know what the video classes are and how you can use them to meet the company’s objectives? Whatever your answer, you Switzerland phone number can not stop reading this article. Here we will show you their characteristics and what they are used for. What are the kinds of videos whether through youtube, tik tok, facebook watch or any other platform, video is one of the most consumed types of content on social networks .

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Images have a greater hook in the public since people process them more easily than texts. For this reason, companies of all industries and sizes should include different types of videos in their marketing strategies. Explanatory videos whether it is to explain an industrial process or how the company is organized, these kinds of videos answer questions from users and let them see the organization from the inside. This format lends itself to all shades of communication and can be very eye-catching for customers. Tutorials the tutorials became famous on youtube, they are based on a basic need of all public: to know how to use the products.

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The tutorial is a pedagogical format par excellence. This shows the step by step to do something, how to assemble an object, its instructions for use, the procedures to follow, etc. Promotional videos they are the type of content that is used to launch the company’s new products or services. Its purpose is to publicize its characteristics and encourage sales based on novelties and improvements. These kinds of videos highlight the positive aspects of the items and make them look more appealing.

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Thought leadership videos this class of videos is made to publicize the way in which the company has been maintained since its inception. It is essential that the leaders of the organization appear and make clear the values ​​they project through their company. The achievements of the company and the recognitions it has obtained in its industrial sector, in addition to its commitment to the communities, also look very good here. More video classes : webinars the webinar video format is a resource that works, among other things, to consolidate the authority of your brand.


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