It doesn’t matter if your brand isn’t involved. you always have to pay close attention because you never know when you can make an impact with good content . This happened in the early hours of this Monday. December 13. after Atlas defeated León 1-0 at the Jalisco Stadium and later defeated him in the series of penalties to consecrate himself as champion of the 2021 MX League. Colombian goalkeeper Camilo Vargas stopped a couple of shots in the series of penalties and Argentine Julio Furch converted the final 4-3. Atlas ended a drought of more than 70 years without being a champion by winning the Apertura tournament in Mexico.

The Atlas championship was achieved only two and a half years after the Orlegui group bought the team from the TV-Azteca network. Beyond the Bolivia Phone Number celebrations of the champion and the memes that surrounded the conquest of Atlas (and the defeat of León). a tweet from the Cruz Azul community manager stole the applause on social networks . A fox. the word Atlas. two fists greeting each other and a locomotive. It is the only thing that Cruz Azul’s CM wrote together with the meme of the ” two Spider-man ” meeting. alluding to the title that the cement machine achieved this year after. like Atlas. a long time of drought.

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With more than 30.000 likes and 5.000 retweets and quoted tweets. the post by Cruz Azul’s community manager was one of the best on the networks. La Fiera was looking for its ninth league title to reach. precisely. Cruz Azul as the fourth most successful team in Mexico. The game ended 1-0 for Atlas and in extra time both clubs annulled each other and did not generate scoring options. Thus. the new Mexican soccer champion was decided on penalties where Furch converted and unleashed the celebration after Vargas stopped the shots from Fernando Navarro and Luis Montes. In August 2021. Juventus sold Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester.

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United for €23.1 million (the equivalent of about $26 million). Included in that amount were eight million euros related to the. Portuguese player achieving a series of specific. Performance goals that were not detailed. The Turin-based club explained at the time that the deal had a €14.1m. Impact on its 2020/21 financial year results. Which was to help keep its loss from being no greater than €211m. euros. But not everything would have been made absolutely clear in the deal. For this reason. the Italian Justice is now investigating the terms of the sale of.

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Ronaldo to England. Juventus confirmed on Friday December 3 that Italian prosecutors. Have ordered a search of their offices as part of an investigation into the financial accounting of the. Serie A club . That includes the sale of the star player. The sale of Cristiano Ronaldo. The acknowledgment of the investigation is reflected in a note for investors in. Which a new share issue is anticipated. Juventus has reiterated on. Several occasions that it has always acted in compliance with current laws. And that it is collaborating with the authorities. Italian prosecutors confirmed the investigation last week. Saying they were investigating the club and some of its top officials.

including chairman Andrea Agnelli and vice-chairman Pavel Nedved. in several cases centered on player transfers. Investors and issued invoices for transactions that never materialized. The Italian financial police raids include documents related to player transfers between 2019 and 2021. Due to the impact of the pandemic and its consequences. Juventus is in need of cash. For this reason. it wants to raise 400 million euros through the sale of new shares. The versions related to Ronaldo’s transfer do not impact the player’s image. which remains as high or higher than ever.

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