There is actually no doubt about using this plugin. Yet in recent months I have become convinced of a competitor of Yoast. Recently I have extensively tested both plugins and I have made the choice: if I optimize a website, I no longer install Yoast, but Rank Math.

What exactly is Rank Math?

Like Yoast, Rank Math is an SEO plugin. This gives you the option within your WordPress website to adjust certain parts that you normally cannot access. Like Yoast, for example, this plugin gives you control over your Robots Meta, something that is indispensable for an SEO specialist.

Compared to Yoast, Rank Math is Media Directors Email Lists a relatively new player. Rank Math was founded in 2018 and has ‘only’ 1.3 million users. Despite the fact that the plugin is relatively new, it has all the functions that you need as an SEO specialist and it continues to grow enormously. For example, in Google Trends we also see an increasing trend in the number of worldwide searches for the term ‘rank math’ over the past 5 years.

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 Reasons to switch to Rank Math

All nice and nice, but if you can get to the most important functions with both plugins, why switch? Fair question! I am convinced that with Rank Math you will get more out of your SEO strategy than with Yoast. To convince you, I have listed the 3 reasons why you should switch. I am curious if you are as excited as I am after reading these reasons.

Structured data or a schema markup is a piece of HTML that you can add to pages of your website. These pieces of code tell search engines what exactly a certain part of your content is. With structured data, Google and other search engines understand your website better and show you faster as a rich snippet. Something that has a positive effect on your CTR and your overall findability.

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