The functional limitations of the hardware on which it runs. So we might as well go back to the original point. And understand the basis of the design of traditional Internet communities. And mobile Internet communities by comparing the functional attributes of PCs and smartphones. Luxembourg phone number QQ screenshot 20150820092648 Why did smartphones bring about a major change in the way we interact? Smartphones are much more convenient than computers. But simply relying on convenience cannot Luxembourg phone number explain why smart phones lead to the change. Between the Internet era and the mobile Internet era. There must be a deeper reason behind it. People will consciously tend to the most primitive, timely and natural means of communication and habits.

The Design of Traditional Luxembourg phone number

The change of the times. In the Internet world, subject to technology, communication is forced to use an unnatural and unaccustomed way. This communication method leads to Luxembourg phone number very limited use scenarios, untimely communication, insufficient performance methods, and excessive learning costs. And these pains are tormenting us all the time. Therefore, when smartphones can alleviate or even solve these pains, and the usage scenarios of communication are greatly Luxembourg phone number expanded, people will naturally choose a more comfortable and even interesting way of communication that suits their habits. Although, That’s why people quickly migrated from the world of PCs to the world of smartphones, and that’s why there’s the next change.

That’s Why People Quickly Luxembourg phone number

Luxembourg phone number
Luxembourg phone number

The functional changes brought by smartphones combined with the fundamental reasons for social changes, I have analyzed that the community will have the following six major changes Luxembourg phone number in the mobile Internet era. The focus of community operations will accelerate differentiation In the past, the operation of traditional Internet communities focused on the two major areas of [ excellent content] and. [Excellent content] Mostly refers to strategy, analysis, evaluation and other large-volume, However, social networking is still one of the important functions of the community. Luxembourg phone numbers in-depth, well-typed, and weak time-heavy content. Although, The operation strategy of [Excellent Content] can avoid the disadvantage of untimely communication in the traditional Internet community.

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