In a new era, some people think that WeChat’s move is to protect the interests of the minority. Content is king will give way to reading volume In the eyes of readers, any public account that has the comment Czech Republic Phone Numbers function turned on and an original logo is basically a bit of a force, and it must be better than ordinary people in some aspects, and it will stay at least a few seconds longer if you click on it through the circle of friends. I don’t know Czech Republic Phone Number how many readers are like the author. When reading articles in the official account, they first look at the title, then the author, then the structure of the article, and finally the number of readings and comments.

It Will Stay at Least a Few Seconds Czech Republic Phone Number

If these points are not satisfactory, then go back and read the article slowly and carefully. But with more and more public accounts, the original logo was fully opened. There is nothing more exciting than a crude title, a high reading volume with no content value, and the number of praises at the bottom of the public account. Czech Republic Phone Number As a result, some marketing giants who blatantly use original logos and push soft articles in batches have made a lot of money from the media. One is intensive Czech Republic Phone Number farming, and the other spends money to violently swipe the screen; the total number of readings in a week is not enough. Readings from the previous day.

The Public Platform From Content Czech Republic Phone Number

Czech Republic Phone Number
Czech Republic Phone Number

The author believes that there will be more and more self-media monetization with reading volume as the king. 2. The proliferation of original logos accelerates the competition between Czech Republic Phone Number self-media and PC portals for high-quality content Once this original feature of WeChat is open to all public accounts whether it is a subscription Czech Republic Phone Numbers account or a service account, a battle for premium content will surely come. On the WeChat public platform, if your user base is large enough.

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