MIUI7 has encountered a wave of doubts, and indeed it cannot be said that there is no reason. From 6 to 7, Xiaomi has Honduras Phone Number updates and patches every week, many of which are already the basis of 7. This leads to the annual Xiaomi Ecological Conference, which does not seem to be a shocking feeling. If there is no Apple-style “there is another” effect, interspersed with some hardware information and life service information, it will be even more thin. Moreover, every time Lei Jun narrates from beginning to end, Honduras Phone Number even if there is some cold humor and insensitivity, he is already aesthetically fatigued. But this is precisely the critical moment to test the mentality of an enterprise, industry, media and the public.

This Is Precisely the Critical

In fact, from 1 to 7, MIUI has undergone more subtle changes. At least in China, I haven’t seen any system that Honduras Phone Number achieves its current fluency. Xiaomi’s system experience is more suitable for Chinese people than Apple’s iOS. Huawei mobile phones are good, but the optimization and matching of its system and hardware are indeed far from satisfactory. When we always expect a company to launch a so-called revolutionary Honduras Phone Number product every time, it is not the company that changes its mentality, but the public itself. Especially the media. Revolutionary and subversive thinking from 0 to 1 everywhere is not suitable for realistic business operations. Although from a micro perspective.

That Achieves Its Current Fluency Honduras Phone Number

Honduras Phone Number
Honduras Phone Number

But our revolutions are often all about knocking down the old world and building a new one. And in the end, when we built it, we found out that we had to rely on a lot of materials from the gang Honduras Phone Number we knocked down. Revolution is not a heterogeneous change, more often it is a heterogeneous, refactoring. The easiest thing to observe is that the people still seem to be the people. The masses are still the masses, and consumers are Honduras Phone Number  still consumers. We do not lack revolution. What we lack is concentration and focus, sacrificing more immediate interests for single-point breakthroughs, and daring to sit on the bench day after day. In the past, in the mobile phone industry.

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