# 1 Define the objectives of the webinar
The webinar can serve several purposes . You will need to clearly identify them for your presentation, in order to turn your speech and arguments in the right direction. If you are looking to build customer loyalty, insist on new products, which will complement those they may have already purchased. On the other hand, to transform Benin Phone Numbers List into customers, it is better to focus the debate on your methodologies and your company’s know-how, and to address yourself to qualified contacts who have reached maturity : for example, they have downloaded white papers on your site. , seem to have identified their problem and are now looking with which service provider or product they will be able to respond to. Webinars are usuallypremium offers with high added value that allow you to make contacts of interest to your company.

Targeted objectives will also help you communicate better on your webinar, to encourage qualified people to register. # 2 Choose a seller theme for your webinar
The first step in “selling” your webinar is to pick up a topic that will attract an interesting audience to you . For this, you need to think about the services you offer and see how to run a workshop around one of them. For example, we could organize a webinar to help companies set up their Inbound Marketing strategy , which would explain this concept, how it is useful for companies, and what are the methods to launch an effective campaign. But we could also do a workshop on setting up a marketing automation campaign.with the presentation of a customer case. In both situations, the targets are different and address different contact lists.

# 3 Set up a Content Marketing strategy

Obviously, the content must be thought out quickly, in order to be sure that you have chosen a theme that will bring added value to the participants. The goal is to attract a targeted audience , who will leave your conference with answers to their questions and if possible, a desire to solve them by your side. Before organizing a webinar, it is recommended that you have proven yourself on the web! To do this, get your target used to regularly seeing content from your company on a blog, on social networks … You can also write white papers as a first step, in order to test their impact and analyze those who win the most of success.


Regularly posting content will help you manage your online reputation and increase your audience. So when you launch your webinar, you will already have a solid base of readers with different issues ready to register. # 4 make an appointment at the right time
If you want your webinar to be a success, you are going to have to choose the right date and time . For example, weekends may attract few people! Mondays and Fridays are busy days or taken on vacation, while Wednesday is sometimes not worked by parents. The Tuesday and Thursday are therefore needed as the best days to arrange 2.0 conference.

# 5 Create a dedicated webinar page on your site

To avoid disrupting the participants’ day, it is recommended to choose a schedule at the beginning of the afternoon or at the end of the day. 1 p.m. or 5 p.m. are therefore perfect times to start your webinar. Then you have to communicate, communicate and still communicate on your webinar to attract participants . To start, you must create a landing page on your website, which presents the theme of your webinar, its content, its speakers, the date and time, as well as the tool used to participate in the conference. Do not hesitate to offer a detailed procedure on how to connect to it.

This landing page must sell your interactive seminar , so illustrate the speakers with their photos, detail the program in a structured and open manner… The page must also contain call-to-action to encourage visitors to register quickly. If places are limited, say so, it will allow some Internet users to register faster.

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