How WeChat digests the entire mobile reading demand is a big proposition. With 200 million friends sharing. And 180 million moments sharing daily, WeChat has actually become the main channel Poland phone number for news. And original content. So the question is, whether WeChat is willing to be just a channel like QQ in the future, or whether it hopes to extend upstream. And become the original source of content, the outside world wants to know. Now, Tencent finally gave us the answer. Last week, the WeChat public Poland phone number platform announce the detail rules of the subscription account original system; at the same time, the WeChat reading app was officially launch, and whether there is a first-level entry is still under wraps. In addition to the long-live comment system, reward system, subscription account advertisements.

Tencent Finally Gave Us the Poland phone number

It is also good to have multiple freelance reporters or WeChat writers. However, when the entire content system of WeChat is launch, we will eventually find that no matter how big WeChat is, it cannot Poland phone number accommodate the four major portals. The reason is simple: Information and reading are needs of the same magnitude as social interaction and communication. In CNNIC’s worthwhile report, online news, blogs (space), and online literature are the second, fifth, and tenth demand for China’s Internet, respectively Poland phone number while there are fewer blogs on the mobile side. This almost reflects the size of the entire reading information demand: it is not smaller than WeChat at all.

The Size of the Entire Reading Poland phone number

Poland phone number
Poland phone number

A long time ago, there was a very silly metaphor about WeChat and e-commerce, saying that WeChat is a Poland phone number high-frequency and large-scale demand, and e-commerce is a low-frequency – also large but not as big as WeChat – demand, so it is three-dimensional and two-dimensional. , you understand the dimensionality reduction attack! Well, information and reading are also the needs of ultra-high frequency, Poland phone number large user needs, and high user stickiness. The invincible QQ on the PC side has been push for 12 years. Tencent has only four portals, and WeChat can’t change the sky. Tencent has too many internal constraints, and the so-call “decentralization” concept is like a distant dream.

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