Some time ago, after I played dead N groups and participated in N groups, I formed an infinitely improved circle (named “Together New Media”) focusing on new media, commonly known as “group”. How fun and boring the group is, I believe that those who have never eaten pork Croatia phone number have also seen the pig run, not to mention that I have seen the pig run and eaten pork. After experiencing the life and death of some groups, when you mention WeChat groups, you must have many emotions. Why do I have to set Croatia phone number up such a circle and threaten to build such a dedicated new media in 3 years What about infinitely improved circles? (I would like to pay tribute to Lord Diaoyu.

Threaten to Build Such a Dedicated Croatia phone number

and many people did not think about or did not think clearly about these three questions, so they built a group, and for the sake of building, there is only one way, to die. Q1: What does “you” need? We build Croatia phone number a group, whether it is a WeChat group or a QQ group or any other group, the form is not important, the important thing is why do you get together, for small talk? obtain knowledge? Help each other? Common hobby? … As for the new media circle (together with new media) just mentioned, the answer I think about is that as a new media practitioner, especially a newcomer Croatia phone number eager to learn and need to absorb a lot of new media knowledge to grow rapidly.

The Work Can Be Communicated Croatia phone number

Croatia phone number
Croatia phone number

For the first question, we thought about why everyone gathers in a group, even if it is for small talk, whether “I” can provide a suitable, long-term and harmonious environment for small talk, such as no ads, high activity, healthy topics, etc. Wait. Then “together with new media”, Croatia phone number what can “I” provide? As a newcomer who entered the industry last year, I switched from sales management to learning new media. Through my own growth and accumulated experience, I can sort out the knowledge I have acquired and share it through articles, exchanges, courses and other forms.

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