The first step is to Philippines WhatsApp Number List out a diagnosis: which systems contain which data? For what uses? What would unification of customer data be used for? We have identified 2 main systems that handle customer data. The first is the CRM which contains prospects and customers. In our case, this is data purchased to help sales forces prioritize and track their actions. Every row and every field has a cost and the seller is committed to providing the freshest data possible. The second is the billing and delivery system. This system is fed by the company itself, and contains data requested from customers.

They are requested from it at creation and are entered again in this system. Thus, it is the customer who decides his name or the address at which he wants to receive the invoice for example. The second step is to choose a relevant reconciliation key from the available data. It must be a unique identifier. I retain 3 criteria to make a good choice, he must: The SIRET can be unique if each establishment appears only once in your system. It is not unique if you have several clients within the same establishment The FINESS Establishment number ( National File of Health and Social Establishments ) theoretically covers the entire perimeter if you interact with hospitals, or clinics for example.

Why put your customer data in quality

However, be aware that not all hospitals and clinics are present because the database is updated manually. And if you want to identify nurses, you have to find something else because they are not in this database. The SIREN number is invariable, on the other hand the SIRET may change in the event of a move. If you use SIRET, the quality of your data will gradually deteriorate. The speed varies according to the populations concerned, but the risk is very present. In our case, we had to make 2 systems communicate. The easiest solution for us was to use the unique identifiers of the billing and delivery system . It is in fact the one that contains the customers and sales data that most often interest us.


This information is then entered in the CRM on the corresponding account. It can also be stored in a correspondence table which makes the link between the identifiers of one system and the other. You can also look to add data that makes reconciliation easier. For example, if SIRET is absent for one of the systems, you can use the SIRENE API to assign SIRETs based on the information you already have All of these actions allow you to prioritize reconciliation attempts. Ask yourself the following questions: How many values ​​are there? Are they very differentiating? It is easier to operate “Medical office of Dr. Philippe Kalousdian” than “Medical office”.

Diagnosis: different data for different business

The plan was the consolidation of 5 different strategic plans, each created by a division of the company (agricultural equipment, trucks, industrial equipment, gas turbines, spare parts). The overall strategy was to increase market share in each division, reduce costs in each division, and therefore improve margins and results. A graph showing past and future results shows a beautiful curve in hockey stick. A decline (the results of the last two years) followed by an immediate recovery and steadily improving. The strategic plan was not lacking in detail. In the Agricultural Equipment division, for example, the strategy was to strengthen the sales / distribution network and reduce production costs.

Now that you have cleaned up, you still need to preserve your hard-earned assets and prevent them from deteriorating too quickly. This can go through the evolution of processes. As we know it, Enron went bankrupt, and at the same time evidence of fraud in its accounts accumulated, the scandal led to its downfall the audit company Arthur Andersen. And the bandwidth trading market still doesn’t exist in 2021. For Richard Rumelt, a strategy is necessarily a way to overcome a difficulty or overcome an obstacle. If the challenge is not defined, it is impossible to assess the quality of the strategy and therefore impossible to reject a bad strategy for example.

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