What is the ideal profile for an SEO expert ? SEO is a constantly changing profession, which requires constant renewal of knowledge and continuous training on the requirements of search engines, and more specifically, of Google . To this end, the SEO is called upon to take up new Canada Phone Number List that are imposed on him. If you intend to call on an SEO expert in the coming weeks, it is important to know the skills in line with the evolution of the profession, to make the best choice of service provider. To help you, we present some essential skills that should be found in all SEO experts .

Behind these requests very often lie deeper wishes such as improving traffic or online conversion . To achieve this, it is indeed necessary to offer an effective website , well referenced, possibly be present on social networks or do email marketing. The objective should not be confused with the means implemented, because an effective digital strategy very often relies on numerous means put in synergy. For example, there is no point in setting up a referencing service for a website that does not convert its visitors into customers. In these synergies of activities, the establishment of ablog is often an approach common to many campaigns. How is it possible ?

An ability to assess the implications of Content Marketing in SEO

You now know that content is at the heart of your digital marketing . Thus, your new SEO expert should be able to know the implications of an editorial strategy on SEO . The SEO expert must know the challenges of Content Marketing for natural referencing, to propose a strategy that will improve the visibility of your company with your target audience.


He must be able to work in synergy with the editors to optimize the content disseminated on the blog or on social networks . The SEO expert should no longer be isolated in his office and create backlinks, he should become the partner of those who carry your voice on the Internet. To this end, the 2015 version SEO must take ownership of the functioning of Google’s algorithms (Panda, Penguin, Colibri, Pigeon, etc.) to inform digital communication teams and help them to adapt their content as best as possible.

Your SEO expert must have a keen sense of anticipation

By studying the functioning and the evolutions of Google’s algorithms , he must be able to orient his referencing strategy in accordance with their indications and especially to anticipate the future requirements of Google ! When the search engine launched Panda’s beginnings, it was obvious that its obsession with high-value content would continue to grow. And it did not fail! The search engine extended this requirement to all types of sites and also hunted for links from sites with questionable or poor quality content. This is why an SEO expert must be able to take a long-term view .

So here we are in a race for relevance and quality , a counterattack against this tidal wave of content, many other web players are starting to sort it out. The proof, Facebook has also started cleaning up poor content and promotional statuses or encouraging interactions, without any real added value. Thus, it could help the community manager to create a social media strategy that meets both relational requirements, as well as e-reputation management and natural referencing.

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