Be careful, if Jamaica WhatsApp Number List deploys this algorithm, it is because it sometimes has difficulty understanding the meaning of texts that are too long and poorly structured. In this sense, we advise you to make it easier for him by writing your texts in small paragraphs according to your sub-themes.Martin Splitt said that building your heading tags to communicate what the section is about is useful for Google. This will make it easier for the Mountain View firm’s automated systems to interpret your text. However, even if your Hn tags are not directly related to the content of their section, Google will still be able to identify on which queries the content will be relevant in terms of ranking.

The Passage Ranking is unlikely to impact the category pages of e-commerce sites. Indeed, these pages generally present little long content that can be dissected into passages. In addition, in the context of a transactional request, it is the product sheet that will be used to position itself in the SERPs. On the other hand, content or blog pages from an e-shop are of course affected by Passage Ranking.What is the difference between Featured Snippet and Passage Ranking?The featured snippet takes a short and complete answer present within a text in order to display it in Position 0. This Direct Answer means that the request can be answered in a concise manner, in just a few sentences.

Will this impact e-commerce?

This result allows the user to read the answer directly in the SERP without having to click on the result to access the site.Conversely, a result of the “passage” type corresponds to a page which does not necessarily provide a concise answer and relates to a classic result of the “blue link” type. In other words, a longer, richer, more detailed text.Martin Splitt adds that featured snippets and “passage” type results correspond to two completely different systems within Google’s internal algorithm.Finally, the developer relations officer for Search topics at Google, said he did not know if it was possible for the same content to be positioned simultaneously in the featured snippet and in the passage ranking.


The sub-themes serve as a reference for Google to display several results for broad queries. Indeed, the Californian company uses neural networks to understand the sub-themes around a specific interest. This allows the engine to display a wide variety of content to the Internet user when submitting a broad search query. For example, if you search for “home exercise machine” Google is able to identify subtopics like “cheap machines”, “best machines”, “best home exercises” or even “ideas of small spaces to make your gym”, and thus show you varied results in your SERP.

Is there a difference between sub-themes and passages

Martin Splitt therefore asserts that the sub-themes and the passages are two different things. The sub-topic allows Google to understand the query. The passages are exclusively dedicated to ranking and allow, not to understand content, but to position it.What is the relationship between BERT and Passage Ranking?BERT is a way of understanding long queries by taking into account the context of the different words between them. Of course, Google needs to understand the content of a page before positioning it. Those are two different things.

Martin Splitt indicates that the BERT algorithm and Passage Ranking are two different systems at Google. However, there is no real separation between the systems. Everything is interconnected. Indeed, before Passage Ranking positions a content, BERT is necessary to interpret what it is about. BERT will extract the concepts and entities behind the words that make up a query to determine how they relate to each other. This process will allow Google to understand the content. The Passage Ranking will then intervene to position it.Passage Ranking generates classic results with a blue link. So don’t expect to see enriched results-type formats (People Also Ask, Direct Answer etc…).Martin Splitt indicates that sites with poorly.

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