I can think that what drives smart hardware is not sales, but the dream of making products. The scary thing is that people saw the money first. Smart hardware will make some dreams ordinary. Sri-Lanka Phone Numbers This is the era of Doraemon. QQ picture 20150812153527 One of my favorite cartoons. Which I still remember freshly to this day. Doraemon came from the 22nd century. In that world, everyone has this cheap robot that came Sri-Lanka Phone Number off the production line and enjoys all kinds of sci-fi products from the four-dimensional space bag. Their skies are filled with tube-like car lanes like roller coasters. But I didn’t expect that a few days later, less than 20 years later, the flying backpack was launched!

Their skies are filled Sri-Lanka Phone Number

Many sour and elegant collections reveal from time to time the thoughts of a bird rushing to the sky, and it is still as precious today. The jet technology backpack allows every ordinary Sri-Lanka Phone Number person to fly freely. In order to adapt to its popularization, the supporting transportation, system, logistics, trade, international communication and exchange are bound to achieve a revolutionary leap. Because, I can think: what drives Sri-Lanka Phone Number the world is not product sales, but the dream of making products. The scary thing is that people in Doraemon’s 22nd century saw money first. The time-space tunnel in the drawer will go to the wrong place.

The Time-space Tunnel in the Sri-Lanka Phone Number

Sri-Lanka Phone Number
Sri-Lanka Phone Number

The joke is the joke, I really don’t mean to criticize, but I find it very interesting. When the story in the cartoon is actually staged, I can’t laugh anymore. Smart hardware presents a hot and Sri-Lanka Phone Numbers cold market in the industry. When it comes to smart hardware, many people’s reaction is “the idea is useless, the quality is poor”, as if there is a hand, Pushing smart hardware over a cliff. These people use so-called gimmicks to scare the public, Sri-Lanka Phone Numbers take back ordinary products that can no longer be ordinary, and install a chip, a sensor, or a Bluetooth receiver with an app. Well, such a smart product debuts. .

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