Not finding the page you are looking for by following a hyperlink is something that happens very frequently on the internet. This is one of the most common, almost banal, errors that a web user can encounter while Vietnam Email List the Internet. This problem is particularly annoying if you adopted a digital strategy for content marketing because you are supposed to bring useful information specifically to your potential customers. Whatever the reason (the site has changed address, the URL has been changed and no 301 redirect has been considered, the address contains a typo, etc.), no one likes to be faced with a page 404 . It’s boring and frustrating, especially when this one is a 404 by default, ugly and useless, and it gives us the impression of having to draw its plan, alone in front of this dead end

Consumers are included and taken into account. Danette understands this consumers’ need to feel heard: every year since 2006, when releasing new flavors for their desserts, the brand asks them to choose from 3 different recipes. And it works! Between 2006 and 2012 more than 6 million Internet users participated in the votes ! Such a figure would be impossible without an active and controlled presence of the brand on its social media pages.

Error 404, a “broken” user experience on the web

However, a 404 page is not inevitable. If you think about it, this is indeed an opportunity to provide your users with that little extra that can make all the difference. As media scholar Renny Gleeson put it so well at a TED Talk about 404 pages: “A simple mistake can remind me of what a business is not. ‘appreciate. ”

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What Gleeson means by this is that every 404 error represents an opportunity to build a better relationship with the user . If you don’t have a personalized 404 page that provides useful information to your surfers, you’re missing out on an opportunity to make amends by improving the user experience and encouraging people to continue crawling your site to finally find the content they’re looking for. . With some knowledge of HTML, you can customize your 404 pages as you see fit:

Let your visitor understand that although they are not on the desired page, they are still on your website . Give your 404 pages the same appearance as the other pages on your site (logo, colors, design, navigation);

Some examples of 404 pages that succeed in creating a better relationship with the user

In French, it was translated by the General Commission of Terminology and Neology by the term ” animator, animator of online community ” … Not really convincing when one realizes the extent of the role of community managers . The “animation” of social networks is only part of the job. First, you have to understand the target and what they need to hear, establish a social media strategywhich follows an editorial line defined with an adapted language, list influencers, choose its axis of communication according to the different specificities of social networks, know how to analyze results, etc … Social networks respond to a very singular logic that deserves a special treatment.

This is how certain communication agencies specialize: community management agencies . This task is complex and should not be taken lightly: a crisis situation, a bad-buzz or a brand attack can arise and an inexperienced person will have difficulty responding to this type of sometimes unexpected attack . To continue reading your information on this subject, discover our white paper on Content Marketing , and do not hesitate to contact our digital strategy agency .

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