If you are an avid reader of this marketing blog , you certainly know that content marketing is an essential tool to bring Internet users to their homes and Macau Email Lists them into customers. And, while we often think of content marketing for B2B , it is also very effective in B2C , especially when it comes to E-commerce sites and other online stores.

Indeed, faced with the growing number of new e-commerce sites on the web, it is important to stand out from the competition (in the 1 st quarter of 2014 alone, FEVAD counted 144,000 active e-commerce sites in France , i.e. 17% increase over one year!). This is when content marketing kicks in, to help you optimize your business strategy and bring potential consumers to you. You can also use lists (Twitter) or circles (Google +) which bring together users who often publish articles on your topic. Their curation can bring water to the mill of yours!

Inspire trust with quality content

Faced with tens (hundreds? Thousands?) Of sites that offer the same products or services as you, you will have to learn to distinguish yourself and especially to attract visitors to you. The more choices it has at its disposal, the more it is likely to be volatile in order to be able to find the site that best meets its requirements. It is therefore essential to offer them content that meets their expectations, will inspire them with confidence and make them want to buy from you.

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Whether in the product descriptions, on the “About” page or on a professional blog attached to your store, each text or photo must reassure potential consumers about the quality of your offer and your e-commerce service. . The professional blog is very important, because updated regularly, it shows the Internet user that a passionate person is behind the store and that, if necessary, he will easily find an interlocutor. The care taken in your content will necessarily send a positive message of trust to the customer. In his mind, a correlation will appear between the care given to your digital storefront and that given to your products .

Retain Internet users with relevant articles

With a professional blog , you can retain readers in the first place. If your content brings them added value, then they will come back to your blog regularly . In addition, if they are browsing your posts, it is because they have a particular appeal for your industry. They constitute a significant pool of potential customers. Taking care of your readers with quality content that will make them want to come back to your site regularly will allow you to:

Position yourself favorably in the mind of the consumer when he needs the products or services you offer (you become what is called ” Top of Mind “); Make sure he recommends you around him;
The Loyalty is also the side of your current customers. Just because they’ve already bought from you doesn’t mean they can’t come back. Continue to offer them relevant articles, they will often come to your site and remain convinced of the quality of your services. It is with this in mind that a newsletter is interesting and effective. Indeed, thanks to the regular production of content, you can regularly send your latest articles, with a special offer, so that it is less aggressive and better received by the recipients. In this way, you will increase your number of visits, but also the conversion rate.

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