Online traders do not meet their Afghanistan Email List as in a traditional business. They don’t use the same marketing methods to attract and retain customers . E-marketing brings together marketing and advertising techniques aimed at raising awareness and reaching consumers by using new communication technologies (websites, e-mailing, online studies, online surveys, etc.). E-marketing skills allow your company to define a strategy in the design of a website for example, to make it evolve, while meeting two essential criteria: Emarketing consists of carrying out targeted actions to increase your visibility and your sales. This discipline, with all its components, makes it possible to increase the traffic on your site, to have a site enhancing the image of your company, it is the assurance of increasing your turnover.

Another method, from a Gmail email account, you can create your account by filling in a form. Then you have general conditions to read and validate, you will then obtain instructions on the different steps to be respected and it’s up to you! Google Analytics is not a tool certified by the OJD, an organization that labels audience measurement solutions on the Internet. Google is judge and party (as if you asked a student to correct his own copies and to mark himself) . Also be aware that by installing Google Analytics on your site, you are providing Google with strategic information about your business on the Internet.

What are the challenges of emarketing

This question on the security and confidentiality of data is the first argument of “anti Google Analytics” . In short… Google Analytics is a real success ! This very powerful tool is a serious added value in terms of returns from marketing operations for a company. Web marketing makes it possible to energize a network, to develop a brand image. But also to disseminate information and products on a global scale. This strategy should be tailored to the size and needs of your business. And also according to your ‘targets’ and your offers. All these web marketing tools are complex, complement each other and constantly develop. Hence the importance of keeping yourself regularly informed of the evolution of these advertising tools.


In a hyper-connected world, your business must capture the attention of consumers and retain them. He must be seen as a unique individual. Over the years, social media has made the advertisements involved in Search Media Advertising a bit more discreet. Today, the ads are based on the news feeds of everyone on the networks. Plus, a catchy ad will quickly pay off the cost of the ad. As the number of subscribers increases, your site is also very visited. This simple parameter greatly increases the chances of maximizing your online sales! The ads on the various social networks are not very intrusive and, most of the time, useful. Indeed, if the Internet user sees these ads,

E-marketing at the service of your website

it is because he is interested in your area of ​​expertise. Another important point is that ads on social networks cannot be blocked by antipub software. This non-existent blocking gives the ad more profitability than others that can be blocked by software like Adblock. The sites of many companies are still very poorly ranked organically today. Indeed, if your SEO campaign is too neglected, you have no chance to stand out on the web. Some companies, not very patient, prefer to start directly with ADS while waiting for natural referencing to do its part. Search Media Advertising is a quick way to market your online business . Thanks to this positioning, the company obtains more visibility.

Thus, the products they offer reach a very large number of Internet users. The SMA is also suitable for companies providing urgent services. Thus, a plumbing company or a mechanic can use Search Media Advertising in order to position itself on platforms which, today, are more and more in demand. Indeed, thanks to the applications, the advertisements are always at your fingertips. Consumers can find the service they need without browsing dozens of companies. It is also possible that the prospect will visit the reviews of other customers during their research. A community leaving great reviews also helps your product sell. These opinions are widely consulted from mobiles.

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