The ability to Albania Email List precise targeting using keywords : language, geographic location, Internet users’ interests, etc. The ability to create and distribute a campaign according to your budget , whether small or large, AdWords is accessible to everyone, The possibility of CPC * or CPM * invoicing depending on your objectives (* cost per click or * cost per impression), 30% of Internet users click on sponsored links following their searches Reactivity, your ad is posted in less than 24 hours, The possibility of quickly measuring the effectiveness of its campaign and optimizing its CTR (click-through rate) , a precise analysis of the behavior of Internet users thanks to the coupling with Google Analytics.

An AdWords campaign successful is the combination of good control of its budget , a relevant keyword selection , a simple and effective ad and a good targeting . Regular monitoring and updating are also essential to optimize your ROI (return on investment) . A successful campaign will bring you a good conversion rate. Do not hesitate to call on the expertise of a web agency to advise you or supervise your online advertising campaigns. ​Indeed, if your prospect is looking for clear and rapid user feedback, this is a sure way for him to get there. In addition, advertising on social networks works very well on mobile phones. For some products, these results are superior to those obtained on a computer.

What is Google AdWords

It is essential that businesses understand the importance of mobile in our society. Each company’s websites should also be adapted accordingly. As with everything, while there are advantages, there are disadvantages as well. One of the most obvious disadvantages of Search Media Advertising campaigns is that the number of ad spaces on each page is limited. Indeed, you can only capitalize on one product at a time. Some even prefer to offer high visibility to their page in general rather than their products. Negative reviews are also one of the downsides offered by this kind of advertising. Indeed, if some people do not like your product, they are free to share it publicly online.


This bad advertisement can have serious consequences on the future sales of the company. You should also spend time on the different campaigns. Indeed, after having found the adequate arguments and launched your advertisement, it is necessary to take care of certain other points. Thus, you must remain attentive to its evolution over time. Data is provided to you every day to measure the impact of advertising. You should also take the time to respond to the various comments you receive. Whether positive or negative, it is always a good idea to respond to every person who gives feedback on your products.

AdWords will become Google

Does all this advertising have an impact on the behavior of Internet users? There is a widely held opinion that people avoid clicking on sponsored ads. However, numerous statistics prove that this is not true. If the organic results generate many more clicks than the articles in the SMA campaign, the proportion varies depending on what the Internet user is looking for. This is because keywords that have strong commercial intent are more profitable and get more clicks than keywords used in SEO . This characteristic is due to the fact that sponsored links use structured data and bring better results to users.

Plus, social media ads also redirect the prospect to your site. Thus, your number of visitors increases and Google helps you rank better. Search Media Advertising is therefore always very useful if you want to quickly increase your number of visits as well as your sales on your website. Of course, you have to put in place a well-structured advertising campaign. Supporting the impact of SEO, Search Media Advertising is a significant advantage in online marketing.. By taking links from other referring websites, you will more easily detect the referenced website. You will therefore contact him for a possible collaboration. Thus, you will develop your own networking.

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