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Keeping social networks up to date can be quite complicated since it is a task that requires time. It is true that nothing happens for not publishing a day or two. However. if many weeks go by without updating your posts. you will give an image of neglect and abandonment. Precisely. one of the times when publications are reduced is in summer. In fact. many companies choose to stop publishing during these months due to lack of time. This is a serious mistake and not only because of the image. but also because you are missing out on a golden opportunity .

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Thanks to social networks. you can increase the visibility of your online business. In fact. you can prevent sales from falling during these months. The main reason to invest in social networks in summer is because most people use their mobile phones to connect to the Internet and to upload images of their vacations. In addition. they usually look for stores. shops or restaurants close to where they are on vacation. This is a great opportunity for online businesses. Next. from Stuweb we leave you some of the trends that will be most successful in social networks in summer.

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How to work social networks in summer? One way to prevent online sales of your business from falling in summer is to work on social media. It is a fantastic way to reach users and customers since. even if they are on vacation. they will continue to be connected to the digital world through their mobile phones. If you want to succeed with your social networks this summer. we recommend you follow the following trends. Events . Find out what events may be related to your sector both internationally and nationally and locally. If you find any.

take advantage of it to increase the visibility of your brand or company in social networks. Use related hashtags and create related content about that event. For example. pharmacies and parapharmacies you can take advantage of to promote summer cosmetics such as sunscreens. sunglasses or cold gels. among others. Local Trends . In the article “ Local business: bet on local SEO ” we talked about the value of local SEO. It is a fantastic way to increase traffic to your website. but also to your physical store. This summer invest in local SEO through social networks. especially if you have a physical store in a tourist area. Bet on images .

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