Publishers and Argentina WhatsApp Number List designers quickly understood the need to adapt their websites to offer the same quality of navigation to all their visitors, and especially not to lose any.Responsive Web Design provides an appropriate response to this major evolution of the Internet . It also makes it possible to rationalize the costs of developing an Internet site by allowing developers to concentrate on only one code for all consultation terminals, the alternative being to develop a site for computer monitors and a other for Smartphones.

This other solution requires higher development costs .To succeed in a self-adaptive site, Responsive Web Design must respect certain recommendations. One of them lies in the RDW approach itself, “mobile first” (we start from the mobile in 320px to go to the computer screen by enriching the site) or “Responsive degradation” (we start from the computer screen to go to the mobile). The mobile first is now privileged , it ensures to go to the essentials on the mobile and then makes it possible to enrich the site for the larger screen sizes. The editorial content must be at least as neat as the images, this is all the more important on small screens, it must be concise and capture the attention of the mobile user.

The evolution of the Total logo from the 1930s to the present day

Here is the difference between UI (User Interface) and UX (User experience). We can add that interface design is an element constituting the UX, in the same way as the architecture of the code, accessibility, the prototyping, the responsive optimization, the ergonomics, etc We can add that the interface design is an element constituting the UX, in the same way as the architecture of the code, the accessibility, the prototyping, the responsive optimization, the ergonomics , etc .In the history of Total logos, the 1970 design introduced the gold color that we still find today in its 2003 version, the price of a liter of fuel has also been redesigned.


White spaces (or White-Space in English), also called “empty spaces”, consist in ventilating elements in order to highlight and enhance them. Let’s find out why these spaces play a key role in shaping your design.”Less is more” (less is more) said Mies van der Rohe, architect greatly inspired by minimalism and modernism.For a designer, selling emptiness is always mission impossible, because white space is generally considered to be “waste of precious space” that absolutely must be filled with something, no matter what, until it becomes “empty. ”.The importance of these white spaces is almost always overlooked, even though they are indispensable. Imagine a speech without any breathing or pausing… it would be impossible to follow.

These spaces too often unloved

This is precisely the purpose of white spaces, to breathe what they surround. The more you nest elements in an interface (this also applies to paper creations) , the more you drown them. In the end, by wanting to put on too much, you will only have managed to go unnoticed.Prioritizing your needs is important, it will allow you to concentrate on the final objective of your creation (web or print), and not to put too much content, which would be perceived as a “jumble” of information .Or how to have a migraine …Or how to have a migraine .No content emerges, the photos are there to fill in.No content emerges, the photos are there to fill in.

The essential is there!The essential is there!Everyone will read these few lines.Everyone will read these few lines.Typography & line spacingSome simple typographical rules so as not to penalize the eyes of your visitors:Moreover, a mistake often made on websites is to want to justify the text. The justified text is not intended for the web, for questions of “typographic gray” not very harmonious, because Internet browsers are not yet as sophisticated as powerful software like InDesign for example.The websites where the spaces are generously used give an impression of elegance, calm, one navigates there in a fluid way. Always favor an airy design rather than cramping your content to put more on your visitor’s screen.

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