Users who come because of toll-free numbers will also leave because of toll-free numbers. The free call duration of Yixin is too low compared to the call duration of YY’s Wechat. Or the traditional Internet Malta Phone Number phone software Youxin. And there are reasons why users choose to use Yixin to make calls. The call quality. And connection success rate of Yixin on the dedicated line undoubtedly kills other VoIP software. Which is why users choose Yixin to make calls. Two weeks ago, Yixin release version 3.6, which reform the call duration. Resulting in users giving a one-star negative review in Tieba or major application markets. The reason is that low-star users can no Malta Phone Number longer enjoy 120 minutes of free phone time. And can only get phone time ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

The Reason Is That Low-star Malta Phone Number

This opaque approach deeply makes users feel cheat. The revision of Yixin has offend both old and new users at once, which should be regard as a major mistake in Yixin. Fortunately, the transparent limited supply later appease some old users. However, there are still many users lost in this incident, and the loss to Yixin is also very serious. Malta Phone Number There are three failures in this revision of Yixin: The notification was too late, a week before the new version was release to users. For those who completely use Yixin as a calling tool, it takes time, at least half a month or three weeks in advance; The consideration of the reform was incomplete. Yixin did not think Malta Phone Number that the opaque way of the number of Starcoin Plaza would make users feel that they were deceived. The rewards for active users are not enough.

Relying on Some Game Packages Malta Phone Number

Malta Phone Number
Malta Phone Number

When Cloud Music launch the Points Mall, it launch the exchange of points for cloud music earphones or cloud music customize objects, but the Ah Ji Mead doll series, which Yixin has always like most by users, has not been launch, which is a pity for users. If there are Malta Phone Number these very attractive things, it will convey to users that as long as you are an active user, the benefits will definitely surprise you. Users come because of toll-free numbers, and they leave because of toll-free numbers. On the one hand, Malta Phone Number Yixin does not want to become a tool for making phone calls, and on the other hand, because the subsidies and benefits are not equal, Yixin regards those who only use Yixin as a phone tool and basically do not use other functions as worthless users.

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