In 2015, Markentive turned a new page in its history with the management of several digital transformation projects on behalf of various advertisers. By helping them to modernize their internal information Greece Phone Number List but also to modernize the management of their teams or their way of communicating, we work on a daily basis to make them adopt “best practices” . In terms of external communication, this change management is not without obstacles and is based on the work of rare, competent profiles, with a sharp strategic vision .

A change in traditional digital professions
For many years, web designers, community managers, SEOs and others have supported companies in carrying out digital projects of all kinds. With the evolution of search engines, the strengthening of competition, the strong expansion of the content available online and therefore of competition, the increasing complexity of monitoring or marketing automation tools, these functions are upset and are undergoing major changes . How to coordinate them, federate them, take into account changes in practices, trends or new technologies?

The new digital marketing experts

Few people can justify 10 years of experience in digital marketing, the tools being quite new and constantly evolving . Chief digital officer, web project manager, digital marketing consultant, inbound marketing advisor, these are the job titles that we are starting to see more and more on job boards but which remain “curiosities” for a good number of people. marketing professionals . Questions then quickly arise: What are the new key skills of a digital marketing manager ? How to evaluate them? How to find the rare pearl?


The digital and professional skills that we love at Markentive
The consultants who support our clients in their digital projects are supported internally by web designers, graphic designers and content marketing experts . Despite these centers of excellence, the workload due to them remains significant and requires a wide range of skills. We imagined sharing it with you because it can also help you find talent!

A successful experience in customer contact

When we implement digital marketing strategies based on inbound marketing , it is important that we can have regular and productive contact with our customers. This involves, for example, sharing strategic ideas, validating content, discussing the purchasing cycle of their targets … Being comfortable face to face or on the phone or even being reactive in the he providing solutions or answers is a key factor in maintaining the confidence of those who have chosen to give it to us.

Excellent writing skills
Posting messages on social networks , sending newsletters on behalf of our customers or simply communicating directly by email with them will require you to use irreproachable French. The development of digital and the demands of search engines are causing a “bulimia” of editorial content on which digital experts will not be able to afford to stumble. Brush up on your grammar because we have never written so much as since the pens disappeared!

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