Internet companies have never had a strong brand management awareness like the fast-moving consumer goods and automotive industries. The main reason is that their competition is far less Finland phone numbers intense than the latter. The most intuitive feedback to us is, “We have this product in addition to this product. Besides, which one can I use?” The substitutability is not strong, which leads to the lack of such a strong sense of crisis in the brand. However, this does not mean that Internet companies do not need or should have the space for deep cultivation and operation on brands. After all, when Finland phone number a company develops to a certain scale,

It Is Launching Such a Product Finland phone number

This is very similar to “Out of Control”, natural growth, survival of the fittest; The second stage is marketing ideas. The third level is the highest level for the output of values, which is called “brand premium” in professional terms, and “feelings” in more popular terms. The product launched Finland phone number by the company is no longer a simple product, but turns its attention to why it is launching such a product, what is the story behind it, and it really touches people emotionally. Just like buying domestic products is equal to patriotism, this is a typical value output. If you look back to China, you will find Finland phone number that the three Internet giants like Baidu, Ali, and Tencent each have their own “styles” in brand management.

The First Stage Is the Product Finland phone number

Finland phone number
Finland phone number

The market leader of Baidu is Zhu Guang, and the background of Lenovo’s marketing executives; Ali used to be Wang Shuai, who has now abdicated. , it is said that the actual head is Chen Liang. It is Finland phone number worth integrating that both of them have media backgrounds and have stayed in Ali for a long time; Tencent’s market head is Cheng Wu. Worked as a marketing executive in several large FMCG companies such as Procter & Gamble. Different backgrounds lead to differences in brand management in BAT: Finland phone number Baidu is pragmatic.

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