Today, which company does not have a dedicated Facebook page and / or Twitter account? Social media has become a golden opportunity for Sri-Lanka Phone Number List and companies to build and develop lasting relationships with their customers. They have become an almost obligatory step for any marketing strategy because they represent an ideal way to generate commitment and visibility … provided you know how to use them of course!

Often, the strategy employed by companies is simple: develop its online presence on as many social platforms as possible in the hope of maximizing its visibility. Even if the principle responds to a certain logic, it remains despite everything too simple, don’t you think? If you really want to optimize your results on social media, you will need to get to know the characteristics and specifics of each of them … Why ? Because people aren’t on Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn for the same reasons. So they expect to find different types of content depending on the site they’re on. It’s up to you to adapt to your audience by offering them the content they are looking for where they are!

Listening to internet users

In addition, when embarking on a social media marketing strategy, it is important to clearly define the results you want to achieve. What are your expectations regarding your social media campaign? Do you want to improve your visibility? Strengthen your SEO? Generate more traffic to your site? How will they help you improve your marketing? It is important to set clear, measurable and achievable goals.

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Internet users expect to receive different types of content depending on the socal network on which they are located. This not only means that the messages you post on each social network must be unique, but also that you should not spread unnecessarily on Pinterest or LinkedIn if these platforms are of no interest to your business. And you, what do you think are the most suitable social media for your audience and your goals? Finally, illustrate with examples and always cite your sources when giving numbers or relying on a study. This is essential to demonstrate to readers that there is a rigorous work of research beforehand.

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One of the best qualities of a good Inbound Marketer is his sense of openness to criticism from Internet users . By constantly working on mainstream social networks or by hosting a blog, know that some articles will elicit more reactions. For good or for bad. Every constructive criticism is good to take, provided you know how to take it well. It is therefore necessary to listen and understand the reactions of those who constitute the potential customers . It is by remaining attentive that you will be able to refine your strategy and, above all, offer consumers a more relevant offer.

The interest of offering various actions to the Internet user is also marketing. Indeed, knowing the clicks made after the purchase will allow you to improve the qualification and scoring (technique of evaluating a new customer using scores) of the visitor. You will have important information to interest your prospects more by offering them personalized offers.

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