We are confronted with this question every day in bringing the Markentive blog to life . When we talk about digital marketing , we can talk about e-commerce, content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and Germany Phone Number List other subjects . You will find this type of article here but also on dozens of blogs, some of which are excellent and that we read regularly, whether French or foreign. These subjects cover a large part of our day-to-day agency activities and allow brands to be highlighted on the internet and transforming their digital presence into a business development tool. To go a little further, I suggest here some themes and trendsthat we should find more and more as they are contributory in pushing companies to upset the status quo and to stand out in their marketing activities

Don’t jump to conclusions
Give yourself sizeable time intervals or wait until you collect enough data before you say which page on your site performs best or which CTA needs to be reworked. So don’t be too impatient at the risk of making the wrong decisions. Here is a 25 point checklist to audit your site . Discover 4 tips for writing a press release in the digital age .

Content on Growth hacking:

This one is a bit special because it goes beyond the framework of pure marketing or the digital sphere, even if many are the regularly cited examples which are based on these aspects. This is about talking about growth , to grow a business, gain turnover, market share, develop a user base. The terminology of Growth Hacking is fashionable and we try to address it here from time to time because we help our clients and especially startups to identify simple tips to boost their development by relying in particular on innovative marketing techniques in extenso digital. Let’s talk about it !


A marketing blog focused on Digital Transformation:
Big topic of the year 2015 with us, the digital transformation will certainly be talked about in the years to come. Markentive has developed an offer to support companies in the world of digitalization commonly called transition or digital transformation . The adoption of new marketing methodologies and new digital tools to publicize companies often involving a profound change management (training of teams, new performance indicators, new allocation of resources …), it is a safe bet that this theme is growing rapidly on more of a marketing blog !

News towards Mobility:

More and more, users surf, search, compare and buy directly from their tablets or smartphones. These habits are expanding to such an extent that they will soon overtake the use of conventional computers. The responsive design, mobile applications, mobile UX are thus themes that have the wind in their sails. To stay in the theme of the right content, at the right time, in the right place, brands will have to think store-to-web or web-to-store, and be super creative with respect to the new opportunities offered by the mobile environment. The mobile user is no longer a curiosity, it is about the average consumer or buyer.

An Inbound Marketing blog:
We still have to quote it. The inbound marketing is our favorite subject and one of the main activities of our agency. If the tools and levers borrowed from digital marketing are now well mastered, arranging them together in an intelligent way so as to create an effective sales funnel is often a real challenge . Behind this functional direction, there are also new ways of using content marketing and automation to create marketing that is non-intrusive, profitable, participating in the creation of a brand image and directly involved in business success. One buys.

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