We have discussed the concept of linkbuilding several times on this blog and the importance of generating inbound links to strengthen the SEO of your site and appear more easily in the SERPs. However, it is not Tokelau Email List to generate all kinds of links: some are more interesting than others. Not all links are created equal That’s it, you are finally decided to take care of the referencing of your site. After having browsed several specialized forums, read several reference books and questioned some of your friends who have a website, you have discovered several courses of action to generate inbound links:

As you will have noticed, some of these practices are quite relevant and stamped White Hat by Google, others on the other hand are clearly on the blacklist and could get you into a lot of trouble (see the Buzzea episode and the position Google about sponsored articles ). In addition, as mentioned above, not all links are created equal. Indeed, Google does not put all websites on the same footing. Some (thanks to the quality of their content, their popularity and the trust people have placed in them) deserve more recognition than others. That’s why Google created a value, the Domain Authority, to separate the wheat from the chaff. I invite you to consult our previous article on the Domain Authority which explains this concept.

This infographic lists different types of links

Value links, that is to say generated from a trusted source and which benefits from a high Domain Authority: these are the most interesting for your SEO; Nofollow links : they don’t let any value pass (but they turn out to be interesting for generating “referal traffic”); 301 redirects (when the starting URL has been moved, renamed or deleted): according to a MOZ article , they allow between 90 and 99% of the authority of the source site;

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Dead links (404 pages) : contrary to popular belief, these do not negatively affect the referencing of a site. The bots will follow the dead link and, if the 404 page redirects to relevant content , the authority will be passed; Bought links: it would seem that this scenario is only valid for a small part of the authority. In addition, this type of link is prohibited by Google and is liable to a penalty which can be critical for the referencing of your site;

Links with an over-optimized anchor: these are assimilated to Black Hat practices and offer no value for your rankings. Worse, like purchased links, they are likely to be penalized by Google. A feeling of proximity is created since consumers are integrated into the daily life of the company, while they themselves are in their daily life: I mean here that they do not have to make the effort to go to the market. brand site, all this information is displayed in their various news feeds and they consult them several times a day. It is the mark that comes to them.

Social media analysis tools

Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest have their own analysis tools that collect valuable data on your subscribers. This helps you better understand the profile of your buyers personas.

Facebook Insights
You also have the possibility of doing the same type of questionnaire, but intended for your prospects. You can then use sophisticated tools like SurveyMonkey or SurveyGizmo to build your questionnaires and even integrate them into your marketing tools . You will also have accurate graphs and reports on the answers given.

After that, consider offering him a solution according to the capacity of your business. Know that a customer who gives a negative review expects you to offer to solve their problem. Finally, it will be interesting to show your availability to help him, if necessary.

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