When we mention North Korea Email List search results, more commonly known as SERP, we are referring to the blue links in Google results. Then over time these blue links were enriched by response boxes called Position 0, by videos, and of course by local search results linked to Google Maps and Google My Business establishments. In this article we don’t want to focus on these different SERP formats but on what will happen in the near future. You will find that the common point of all these changes in search results is data. Your organic visibility concerns your website, store, products, services

This is an evolution that we had already covered in a previous article, but it is clear that voice assistants are a trend that you have to get used to. With the success of the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants, thanks in particular to the record sales of Google Home and Amazon Echo, search behavior is changing. Who says research with the voice says conversation, which has the effect of impacting Google’s algorithm which will promote natural and spoken language. This change in the way of searching for information in search engines generates new expressions and keywords every day that will have to be anticipated in order to have your website cited among the voice responses.

Voice assistants

The vocal results let’s talk about it. By questioning your voice assistant, the latter will only provide you with one answer, unlike classic SERPs which offer several results on your screen. Optimize your content and aim for Position 0 . Most of the voice results cited by the Google Assistant come from Positions 0 which correspond to the most relevant answer for a piece of information. Optimizing its visibility for visual search represents a complementary evolution to voice search since with these new devices equipped with a screen, searches carried out with your voice will give rise to visual results with a selection of images, videos or photos of products.


As you can see, voice search and visual search are closely linked, which is why we advise you to optimize your voice SEO now in order to have a length on visual search, while it is running. installed in the habits of Internet users. Get an Amazon Echo Show or Google Home Hub as soon as possible to analyze the visual results that will be offered for each search performed with your voice Don’t forget the basics of natural referencing and optimizing the ALT attributes of images to give them a textual description. What do the Pokémon Go , Google Lens, Google Maps and IKEA Place applications have in common ? They offer their users to immerse themselves in and interact with the real world.

How to prepare for voice search

so think about how you display this data for Internet users and search engines, by providing as much descriptive information as possible. Augmented reality uses the world around you as a backdrop by enriching real forms such as buildings, parks, trees, restaurants with virtual information. Take the example of Google Maps and its upcoming evolution: Google Maps AR . In order to improve your journey and the information provided by your GPS, Google Maps AR will directly integrate the visual of the street in which you are traveling with the direction information displayed. Understand that we are still at the beginning of augmented reality.

Learn about innovative companies like Arcona , a blockchain-based application that allows you to buy your advertising space in augmented reality. Consider adopting traditional SEO techniques for your website like integrating structured data tags and optimizing your Google My Business listing so that your business reviews are displayed in Google Maps AR. Virtual reality takes us into the somewhat more distant future, but it’s an area you should keep a close eye on. As its name suggests, virtual reality does not immerse us in an enriched reality like augmented reality offers, but in a totally original universe and created from scratch.

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