Have you ever wondered what is happening on the internet every day, every minute, every second? No ? Rest assured, someone did it for you! The ” Every second on the internet ” site collects and represents Vatican City Email List and in real time everything that is happening on the web at all times, from the number of files uploaded to Dropbox to the number of Skype calls made, including the number of requests sent to Google. The result is striking! Not only is this simple and uncluttered website extremely well done, but it allows us to better visualize the colossal amount of information passing through the net (it’s absolutely gigantic and fascinating at the same time!).

10 years ago, Skype, Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, Dropbox, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram did not exist. 20 years ago, the web only had 130 websites, Google had not yet seen the light of day and emails were chargeable … 30 years ago, the Internet was not yet born …

Measure the share rate

Indeed, the ability to share content, or to mention another account, is one of the major assets of social networks for accounts that want to gain influence. If someone shares your content, that means they’re giving them credit: it’s a way to tell their followers “Here’s something worth your attention.” This kind of practice is part of press relations 2.0. Let’s take an example: in a few days there is an event where you expect as many people as possible (a vernissage, a forum, a press conference, a product launch, etc.). Your information campaign on your Twitter account is in full swing and your 1000 followers are quite responsive.

Vatican City Email List

Previously you sent a press release to an influencer in your field who has over 30,000 followers. He appreciates your “product” and the retweet: your audience instantly gains 30,000 people, plus people who give credit to the word of an expert they know. Efficient, isn’t it? This new qualified audience results in new shares on the post in question, and consequently an increase in engagement and perhaps in the number of followers. It is a virtuous circle.

Measure the conversion rate to your website

For brands and companies, the use of social networks is part of a global digital marketing strategy where the objective is to attract more and more visitors to their website , their real digital showcase that should be maintained regularly. Let’s not forget that the main purpose of marketing is to increase the number of sales. The conversion rate of Internet users on social networks to the website is easy to measure : thanks to Google Analytics for example, it is possible to see where the traffic to your site is coming from. Other tools can allow you to create filters to see more precisely by which network your visitors arrive and always and again, adapt according to your strategy and your speech.

Another easy trick to track your conversion rate: when you use a Bitly link or a Facebook short link for an event, if you enter this same link in the internet search bar followed by a “+”, you will access a daily follow-up people who click on your link! Not interested in social media ? Discover the article: the influence of social networks on purchasing behavior . If you want to embark on a digital strategy , do not hesitate to contact us! Indeed, as the name “social selling” indicates, everything is based on exchange . Don’t just post links and your articles, reach out to your community and make connections with other resource people and potential customers.

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