Make no mistake: SEO Bermuda Email List be part of your best practices for any website, regardless of the market. But when I am presented with a digital action plan where there is not enough budget to properly develop a company’s offers, we already start with a handicap. Especially since this situation is often made worse by the fact that the market is so competitive that even with a larger budget dedicated to SEO, there is a good chance that these expenses will harm the growth of the company because the results will not be realized. not feel immediately. Thus, it is squarely the life of the company that can be endangered.

I had virtually no information: no previous site to refer to, no product or market knowledge. However, as soon as I learned about the domain name he had chosen for his site and his budget, I knew that there was hardly any chance that I would recommend a complete SEO strategy… Indeed , sometimes SEO is just not the right solution … As an SEO consultant, I take great pride in carrying the ethical responsibility of helping new clients understand the right way to grow their business, even if it means less money for my agency. The client does not have the sufficient budget to allocate to the SEO of his site in a competitive market.

Insufficient budget

To fully understand this situation, I would like to come back to the collaboration that we had, and that we still have, with one of our clients. To do this, let’s go back to January 2019, Agence 90 has only a few weeks of activity. That’s when a brand of alcohol (I won’t say what type of alcohol) contacted us to initiate a digital action plan for the first time. This brand had just created a showcase site for the first time with an e-commerce section. Never in its past has a budget been allocated to digital. After several discussions, we understand that digital is new for this brand and that the money dedicated to this channel should quickly produce results for management.


Otherwise, the budget will be cut. The thing is, this brand is not a juggernaut in the sector, part of a large group like Ricard, Veuve Clicquot (champagne), Brewdog (beer) or Glenmorangie (whiskey). Here, we are in a family business that manufactures excellent products. As much to say that to generate sales from organic on an e-commerce which is less than two months old, in a hyper competitive market where marketplaces like own brands are present, with an average basket generally above 100 euros, all for a confidential brand that has less than 2,000 euros per month to spend in digital (all channels included) and which wants results within 3 months. We will have to be super pragmatic.

A product that is out of the ordinary

So yes, it is important to integrate SEO best practices from a technical and content point of view, but to justify after 3 months the allocation of 2000 euros per month in a very competitive sector by working on a site without no prior art, I’m not sure SEO is the right solution … So ok, are you going to tell me? “But isn’t it suicidal to bet on Google Ads in a hyper competitive market?” “. Well not necessarily! After all, it’s also our expertise to make our client’s investment profitable To go into a bit of detail, we noticed that in the alcohol industry, the vast majority of searches associate “the name of the alcohol” + “brand”. For example “Gin Hendrick’s” or “Champagne Veuve Clicquot” or “Whiskey Glenmorangie”

At the same time, an advertising space was still to be exploited on requests generating acquisitions such as “flavored gin”, “white champagne” or “floral whiskey”. Admittedly, these queries are less sought after, but also much less competitive. Therefore, with smartly built Google Ads acquisition campaigns, we were able to generate sales very quickly. Regarding the Social Ads part, the objective was more to develop brand awareness, while the brand’s presence on Amazon allowed us to penetrate a less competitive platform and to appear quickly among the first organic results thanks to optimized product sheets . This approach has been a success for our client since we are still working hand in hand as we speak.

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