Whether we are beginners or experts in SEO, we are all looking for the techniques or methodologies that bring the best results. That’s why one of the first Niue Email List we do when looking to improve our website’s SEO is to apply this set of authoritative ” Best Practices ” in the field. A simple Google search or the use of a website analysis tool will easily allow us to discover many tips and techniques to improve rankings and position in the SERPs, such as:

On WordPress for example, the popular Yoast plugin allows you to analyze the referencing of each page of a site against a list of best practices . These were established on the basis of observation of the results they deliver over time and of compliance with the rules issued by Google.

However, although these Best Practices are important for good SEO for your website, it would be a mistake to believe that following them all to the letter will give you better results. Why ? Simply because they don’t take your context into account . Depending on the reality you find yourself in, sometimes not following certain Best Practices is more common sense than heresy.

Focus on the activities that deliver the best ROI

Whether you’re an SEO agency working on a client’s site or looking after your SEO yourself, your time and resources are limited. What you should be looking for at all costs is to prioritize the activities that will give you the best return on investment as easily as possible .

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One of the first things we recommend is to optimize your on-page SEO as well as navigability and accessibility for search engines. At first, these activities are relevant and very profitable, but they will offer less and less results over time. If you persist in solving every single page problem on the 300 pages of your website, you are going to spend a considerable amount of time with very little impact in the end. This is why it is sometimes better to go over these small on-page problems and accept that your site is not 100% optimized according to the rules of the art, especially if that gives you more time for other important activities. , like linkbuilding or building a community on social networks.

A good dose of experimentation is essential

Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin,… So many updates to Google’s algorithm that have deeply regulated SEO practices. Remember: when Google was still in its infancy, black hat SEO was the norm among SEO agencies, and everyone engaged in cloaking, keyword stuffing, and link trading. Today, such activities would be pure suicide. In the years to come, new adjustments will further disrupt the world of SEO and give birth to new Best Practices which will gradually be revealed , thanks to these pioneers who will not hesitate to experiment with new techniques. What if you were one of them?

While everyone is limited to following the best SEO practices, breaking these sacrosanct rules may allow you to stand out from your competition and propel your website to the top of the pages. results on Google. This new Whiteboard Friday from Moz exposes us 4 situations in which it is sometimes better to play the outlaw and not to follow the paths recommended by SEO experts:

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