Xiaomi, who has been making great progress all the way, has entered an eventful year in its fifth year. The biggest challenge comes from Xiaomi’s sales performance. Hong Kong Phone Number Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun previously gave Xiaomi. The task of 80 million to 100 million units in 2015. According to many analysts, the indicator of Xiaomi’s success or failure this year has fallen to the maximum value, which is 100 million units. Obviously, it has become a difficult task for Xiaomi to complete the remaining sales of more than 60 million Hong Kong Phone Numbers units in the second half of the year. Some media even asserted that Xiaomi is in the transition between prosperity and decline: the most terrible thing is not that the growth rate slows down, but that it goes from prosperity to decline.

It Has Become a Difficult Hong Kong Phone Number

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An Attractive Company Culture Hong Kong Phone Number

Hong Kong Phone Number
Hong Kong Phone Number

Lin Bin, President of Xiaomi, said in an exclusive interview with Tencent Technology. That Xiaomi has inadvertently created a mobile phone sales miracle in China. But many people still expect Xiaomi to maintain at least 150% of mobile phones as in previous years. Sales growth. Of course, Xiaomi is Hong Kong Phone Number still running on the road of pursuing scale. Lin Bin said that after squeezing out Samsung to become the number one in the Chinese market. The Xiaomi model has entered the 2.0 model – normalization, no longer engaging in “hunger marketing”. But opening up purchases and gradually turning into a normal e-commerce business.

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