Some people say that Wanda has many twists and turns, and it is difficult to transform successfully. They dare to ask: Who can start a business without a hitch? Which traditional enterprise Senegal phone number transformation does not experience some pain? If everything goes smoothly, the transformation will not be successful. In the first place, Some people say that Wanda cannot resist the competition from Alibaba. And In the duel between Ali and Wanda, one is the Internet and the other is a traditional Senegal phone number shopping plaza. Moreover, There have been numerous successful cases to prove it. And entrepreneurs agree that it is easier for traditional companies that understand Internet thinking to successfully build O2O.

There Have Been Numerous Senegal phone number

How can traditional offline merchants better grasp this great Internet era and keep pace with the times. Let’s first discuss the current model of the entire shopping mall O2O market. And finally find Senegal phone number out where the king of shopping mall O2O is? 1. An independent O2O model created by traditional shopping plazas. Joy City At present, almost all large shopping centers in China are beginning to transform to O2O. And have launched their own O2O. However, looking at all the large shopping centers in China, the typical Senegal phone number representative of the successful creation of self-owned O2O model is Joy City. Which can ensure sufficient resources and funds. Although, which is equivalent to removing a big stumbling block on the road of transformation.

The Successful Creation of Self Senegal phone number

Senegal phone number
Senegal phone number

In particular, the cost of later operation is beyond the reach of small and medium-sized shopping malls. Senegal phone number Such as online and offline membership, integration of points, maintenance of online platforms, development and construction of big data, analysis and management, which require huge human, material and financial resources. put in. Senegal phone numbers In the first place, From the perspective of Internet thinking, the Internet era is the era of sharing economy. And self-built O2O is at most an online platform. Let’s first discuss the current model of the entire shopping mall O2O market.

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