Recently, the most popular topic in the Internet world is undoubtedly the award of “The Three-Body Problem”, which has Spain Phone Number made many Internet believers. And Three-Body Problem fans find a unique sense of pride. However, just before this news, another news is more significant, that is, Alibaba and Tencent have successively launch wealth management APP products – Tencent’s WeBank, Ali’s Ant Jubao. It’s a micro and an ant. It looks like a “small” name, but it contains a huge murderous intention. Spain Phone Number The giant’s move means that the once wild development of Internet finance. Especially the hot P2P market, is about to usher in a bloody change. The current Internet finance is consider to be the fourth industry field that will be deeply influence by the Internet after the information industry (Baidu), commerce and trade (Ali), and social networking (Tencent).

The Current Internet Finance Spain Phone Number

This field has always been a place for princes to compete, and it has gradually formed a grass-roots faction from the bottom up, from the traditional offline credit business to digital, electronic and Spain Phone Number Internet-based business transformation, and oligarchic faction from the top. On the other hand, dimensionality reduction hits the situation of unifying the rivers and lakes. At present, the collective action of the oligarchs means that the final battle between the grassroots and the oligarchs is about to be decide. The helplessness of the grass-roots pie to drive backwards Spain Phone Number The convenience of Internet technology, especially its role in improving the productivity level of traditional industries and reducing social costs, has been discovered, and civil forces have discover a broad future development space for “Internet + Finance”.

The Collective Action of the Spain Phone Number

Spain Phone Number
Spain Phone Number

Those private capital engaged in traditional private financial services. Such as traditional offline lending business, have entered the Internet-based transformation stage of private finance. Spain Phone Number choosing Internet finance as a breakthrough for transformation. Private lending companies that used to live in the gray. Area are trying to find a breakthrough in their reputation through their own efforts. So they seized this opportunity Spain Phone Number to expand their Internet and online businesses from offline traditional businesses. And started a real business. The “touching the net” process. In this process, the core goals it pursues are nothing more than two.

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