Menstrual tool life-and-death battle: Auntie, as a tool with female menstrual records as its selling point, has been strongly sought after by the market and users. A year later, Italy Phone Number Meiyou entere the market as a tool of the same category and attributes. And then the two sides began in 2014. , launch a war of words and competition in all dimensions. After the half-year war of words end, the two parties conducted the C round of financing and began to focus on the construction of the community system. For apps that come from tools, Italy Phone Number the lack of user retention time can easily affect the realization of the later flow to the system. But for the two female apps. It still takes a certain amount of time to polish user habits from tools to communities.

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Women’s e-commerce who have run away from the cracks: Under the baptism of Taobao, the online shopping market for women has grown by leaps and bounds, and a number of traffic stations link to Taobao with women’s Italy Phone Number  clothing shopping guides have also been create. Then, with the gradual increase in traffic and the “crisis awareness” of Taobao at that time, Meilishuo and Mogujie were tragically block. However, both of them follow the development of the mobile Internet and quickly launch their own mobile apps Italy Phone Number and successfully turn to self-built malls. C2C mode. During the transformation, Mogujie’s once-proud Italy Phone Number talent community has also been clos down and has not reopen for a long time. Two-level community with mothers and infants to the left and women to the right.

Both of Them Follow Italy Phone Number the

Italy Phone Number
Italy Phone Number

As an important UGC manufacturing and communication platform. The community that has been receiving attention from the PC era to the mobile Internet era has form two directions. A community for mothers. And babies and a Italy Phone Numbers community for women. “Hot Mom Gang” and “She Community”, one focuses on the field of mothers and babies. And the other focuses on two communities in the vertical field of women. As a pure community direction. And vertical to female users, She Community has natural advantages in attribute selection Italy Phone Number and content creation . Any female audience can find a space that belongs to her. From the perspective of the development of mobile female apps. Although pure PGC can be a hit, most of it is a one-way operation.

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